CNN Anchor Suggests Election Denialism Is Becoming A U.S. Export Because Of What Happened In Brazil


CNN’s Jim Sciutto worked overtime Monday in order to link Donald Trump and the Jan. 6 chaos that was Brazil.
What is the background?

Bolsonaro supporters stormed the National Congress of Brazil (the former president of Brazil), on Sunday. Bolsonaro advocates claim that Bolsonaro lost the reelection election due to fraud.

After hours of chaos, law enforcement finally took control. The Associated Press reports that at least 1,200 people were detained by government officials.

What was Sciutto’s take?

Sciutto questioned Joe Walsh (R), an ex-Representative, if the U.S. now exports “election denialism”, in the same way that it used to export democracy.

Sciutto said, “We used talk a lot over this and many people still envision it. And maybe it’s true, the U.S. Exports Democracy. ”

“But, you can see [what happened] to Brazil and how it was seeded by the losing candidate in those elections, who had many in common. One might wonder, with Donald Trump, is election denialism an American export? “He asked.

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Walsh appeared to agree with Sciutto, suggesting that other countries could take lessons from Jan. 6.

Walsh responded, “Clearly, all of the world watched us on January. 6,. 6.

He said that Trump and his Republican Party had done something similar on Jan. 6. ”

Democrats demand that the U.S. government “extradite Bolsonaro back to Brazil.”

Monday’s statement by the White House said that Bolsonaro has not requested to be returned to Brazil.