CNN’s New Chief Addresses Nasty Rumors That It Might Become Centrist


Fear not, CNN may return to its roots and begin reporting real news.

Chris Licht, the new CEO of Financial Times, made clear his intentions in a Monday interview. Although he has rearranged the roster since replacing Jeff Zucker in May’s interview, viewers should still expect nothing less than a down-the-middle foray into factual matters.

Chris says that a reliable and pure relaying of information is not compatible with modern times. You need to be a bit zany these days. He seems to be downright offended that CNN could be considered a news organization.

“One of my biggest misconceptions is that I want vanilla. I really want to be centralist.”

His reaction to this idea was:

“That’s bull***t.”

It won’t work in 2022.

“You must be persuasive.” “You must have an edge.”

The New York Post noted that the outlet has been at the forefront of the news:

In the years that Trump was out of office, CNN ratings have plummeted… CNN is now far below MSNBC and Fox, with none of its shows making the top 20 in October according to Nielsen.

Chris is not necessarily wrong in his convictions. Take a look at this clip of actual news and see how it compares with Americans’ current sensibilities. Also, check out CNN’s 1980 mission statement.

Who needs news these days when they can get half or less of the story? Chris believes that the network requires a point-of-view:

“In many instances, you choose a side.”

Don Lemon should be a good host. He stated that he didn’t believe in opinions last June. … I do have a point of view.

Don would prefer CNN to remain centrist, even though that is possible. Joe Lockhart, a former Clinton Administration spokesperson in 2020, stated the following:

“I have been telling people the truth about the Democratic party, and that it is a centrist party …”

Don and others were, as you might know, shifted and even snubbed under new network management. Return to the Original Post

[Chris Licht] has fired opinionated media reporter Brian Stelter from the now-defunct Reliable Sources. John Harwood was a White House correspondent. Don Lemon, who hosts the primetime 10 p.m. show, was dethroned. Lemon, a left-leaning host of CNN This Morning with Kaitlan Collins and Poppy Harlow is now co-hosting the morning show.

Chris isn’t partisan, but he swears off the center. But he doesn’t believe CNN should be left or right.

“Sometimes, you just point out uncomfortable questions. You don’t view it as Left or Right.”

The CEO seems to want a more dynamic delivery. You can keep things intense if you keep them at their maximum intensity.

If everything is in crisis, or if all is 11 and everything is breaking news then nobody listens when there is actually a crisis. You can say “No, no, really, the house is on fire.”

According to him, he wanted the network to look more like a newspaper.

It seems that CNN will keep a few of the things that have kept readers and viewers riveted, regardless of what happens. This is what viewers and readers want.

When you can have it:

More razzmatazz to come.