Colorado Accidentally Sends Out 30,000 Voter Registration Cards to Non-Citizens


Colorado sent out 30,000 voter registration forms accidentally, raising eyebrows. Colorado Public Radio says that is the truth.

The outlet claims that non-citizen recipients received the 30,000 cards due to an error in the query format. This query involved DMV records. This is the apparent nexus.

The postcards were sent last week to Colorado residents without a Colorado citizen driver’s license. It then directs people to “Register to VOTE today at ”

The Colorado Secretary-of-State’s Office spokesperson stated that the Department was informed that 35,000 EBU [Eligible But Unregistered] postcards had been sent to incorrect Coloradans. “The office will conduct an intern review and, if necessary, take corrective action. ”

According to the office, the problem resulted from the state comparing a list of possible unregistered voters belonging to a multi-state group in Colorado with local DMV record data. These licenses allow people who do not have legal residency to legally drive. The system could not flag them as ineligible due to a formatting error.

The Democrat Secretary Of State responded by saying that if non-citizens try to register, they won’t be allowed. How can we trust any system to weed them all via DMV Records?

This can lead to multiple problems. It is possible to confuse signature matching and cause delays in the counting. This increases distrust in the system.

Illegal immigrants can also be granted driver’s licenses. This can cause problems when trying to enforce voter ID laws for in-person voting.

Consider why taxpayers pay for voter registration cards to states. It is not fair for the state to try to influence this decision, particularly if it’s run by partisans who wish to increase turnout in their favor.

Blue state election systems are still dysfunctional.