Comer Says About to Expose More Biden Payments: ‘Millions and Millions of Dollars’ From ‘Adversaries All Over the World’


James Comer, the Chair of the House Committee on Oversight and Accountability (R-KY), appeared on Newsmax on Saturday and promised to provide new evidence regarding funds wired from other countries to the Bidens. We reported Friday that Hunter Biden had received $5.1 after sending a threatening WhatsApp to Henry Zhao, an associate. Hunter Biden claimed to be “sitting” with his dad in the message, which was clearly an attempt at intimidation.

Comer informed Eric Bolling, the host of The Eric Bolling Show that he will be sharing more information soon.

I want to reassure the American people: we have bank records we are looking at that we received this week and we believe will show wires from other countries. We have only disclosed China and Romania so far. We still have some Chinese wires to show the American public.

He then claimed that he had evidence of many transfers.

We’re about exposing a number of mysterious wires that originate from Ukraine and Russia. This is only the beginning for the Bidens. The Department of Justice does nothing but stand in our way.

Comer’s promise will make it difficult for the president to continue to pretend that this story is not a big deal. Comer claims that millions of dollars are involved.

Every day we continue to produce results that show that this family, which includes the family of the President of the United States, has received millions of dollars in cash from our enemies around the world…and that they cannot explain why…or what they did that produced that money.

The Kentuckian also slammed the DOJ, and Attorney General Merrick G. Garland. At a Friday press conference, the AG denied that he presided a two-tiered justice system that gave Hunter Biden preference in tax cases and gun counts. Comer was not having it.

He just stood there and lied about the American people. Merrick Garland ruined the reputation of Justice Cabinet. He has destroyed America’s reputation for justice. He must go.

There’s no way he can defend the indefensible by saying that he has treated Democrats in the same manner that he has treated Republicans–specifically, the way he treated the president of the United States’ son.

Hunter and Garland were both invited to a state dinner Thursday for Indian Prime Minister Narendra modi. It was just a few days after charges were brought against the son of the president. It sure looks like the game has been rigged to his advantage.

Comer claims that the IRS was aware of Hunter’s financial irregularities but failed to do anything about it:

Hunter Biden was not punished for the money laundering or tax evasion that the IRS knew of. They knew this because the Federal Government kept records in its Treasury Cabinet.

He gets a slap in the face for not paying millions of dollars worth of taxes six years ago.

Comer makes big claims, but he has been able so far to support them. This presidency is becoming more and more compromised as more information comes out. Many of these facts are in direct conflict with the claims made by the president. It’s no wonder that the calls to impeach corrupt Merrick Garrland have become louder.