New ‘Congressional Dog Lovers Caucus’ Sparks Concerns Over Property Rights Abuses


Three bipartisan legislators are using the controversy surrounding a passage from the South Dakota Governor. In Kristi Noem’s forthcoming book, she tells the story of having to put her dog down after it became dangerous. The Congressional Dog Lovers Caucus was formed in response.

This group was formed on Thursday to promote a “shared passion for dogs.” However, this initiative is not just about promoting a love for dogs.

The announcement was made via press release, and social media by Reps. Jared Moskowitz and Nancy Mace.

Rep. Moskowitz wrote in a blog post on X, “In light of recent events, the Congressional Dog Lovers Caucus is being launched today!” He added that the group aims to “foster bipartisan cooperation” and “will help put paws above politics.”

The Hill reported that the other two legislators also celebrated this move.

Mace stated in a The Hill press release that “while Congress may disagree on everything, it is clear that dogs are loved companions who bring us so much joy.” “We created this caucus to promote legislation that protects dogs’ rights and well-being, so they get the respect and care they deserve.”

Wild said, “Our love for dogs is what unites Americans the most.”

In a press release Wild stated, “In a time when polarization is rampant, I am proud to join colleagues on both sides and work for our pets who bring us such joy and comfort each day.”

This new caucus doesn’t just celebrate pooches. This group will also use the opportunity to push legislation that protects “animal rights.”

The caucus is described as a “bipartisan, informal group” that plans to advocate for legislation that will protect dogs and recognize the “companionship and friendship they provide, along with family and health benefits.” Nancy Mace said that the group would not only honor dogs as companions but also actively pursue legislative actions to ensure “care, respect, and recognition” for them.

This sounds like a wonderful initiative that will give us the warm fuzzies. If the caucus wants to promote an animal rights agenda, as Mace suggested, it may be worse than it seems, especially for dog owners.

The federal, state, and local governments have a lot of laws that are often misused to violate people’s rights.

Kentucky lawmakers are considering a bill to outline the procedures for dogs that have been deemed “vicious”. This is especially true when the owner has been found incompetent. This law was supposedly passed to protect the public from aggressive animals. It would allow authorities to seize animals without due process if they are accused of being “vicious.” This is essentially a red-flag law for pets. The government could take someone’s belongings without following the correct procedures.

Jose Gudino, a resident of Hot Springs County in Arkansas, had a horrifying experience when he was confronted by local law enforcement about false accusations of animal cruelty. When he returned home one evening from work, he found police officers in his yard. He was accused of mistreating dogs and fighting chickens. Both allegations were false.

The Congressional Dog Lovers Caucus might be a cute idea. If this trio of legislators intends to push for even more federal legislation that targets dogs and dog owners, it could lead to even more abuses of property rights.