GW Protesters’ Anti-American Act: Defacing Statue of George Washington


Radical leftists have displayed several bizarre behaviors, including harassment and violence against Jews, occupying buildings, and attacking the police.

Many of them call us “colonizers” and consider us to be an occupying force here in the United States.

Here is what a speaker said on the George Washington University campus a week earlier:

Listen to the response.

We often hear a leftist chant at these protests, and other leftist events: “There’s only one solution. Intifada. Revolution.” The speaker was clear that he meant “revolution”, for “socialist reconstruction” in the U.S.

Joe Biden, on the other hand, spoke of “free speech,” and “Islamophobia,” and never said “condemn,” while doing nothing to stop this.

This attitude was reflected in what they did on Thursday. They show no respect for our founding principles and our Founders. Here’s what they did to the statue of George Washington in GW. Bret Baier, Fox’s Bret Baier, called out the chaos.

The statue was draped in a Palestinian flag, keffiyeh, and stickers were stuck all over it. The statue was also spray-painted with the words “divest,” “genocidal,” and a sign that said, “Shame On D.C.”

This is what it looked normally like before the crazies pounced on it.

This shows how much they respect this country and its principles.

Vandalism is not free speech. Where are the police?

Last week we reported that the D.C. Police refused to comply with the University’s request for the clearing of an encampment. Imagine they wouldn’t even touch this. That is how the left has twisted their views on this issue.

This last tweet was a joke. The “Peace In Gaza” is a shiny object they would like you to believe. But the real goal is to get rid of the “colonizers”. To them, we’re the colonizers.