Conservative Power Play: Bidenomics Website Takes Aim at Economic Policies


Americans for Prosperity launched a campaign with 8 figures featuring which it says is the ‘website Joe Biden doesn’t want you to see’.

Ted Jenkin warns about the impact of Bidenomics on income

Ted Jenkin, CEO & Co-Founder of oXYGen Financial, discusses Biden’s economic vision and its impact on Americans.

Americans for Prosperity, the influential and deeply-funded fiscally conservative grassroots organization founded by the billionaire Koch Brothers has announced a new $8 million campaign to highlight what they call the “harmful effect” of President Biden’s economic policies on Americans. is a new website that features the campaign. It’s the name of the president’s economic philosophy and agenda.

AFP argues their website will “serve as a resource for the truth about Bidenomics, current information on the economy and fact checks on Biden’s most misleading rhetoric on the economy.”

The announcement was made first to Fox News on the morning of Monday and comes just ahead of the President’s State of the Union Address, which will be held Thursday. is a new website launched by Americans for Prosperity to criticize President Biden’s economic policy.

In the much-anticipated speech, Biden will likely highlight his achievements, including his economic policy, to convince voters that he deserves a second term at the White House. In the days following his speech, President Obama is expected to visit a few key battleground states for the general election.

Akash Chougule, AFP’s vice president of government relations, said in a press release that President Biden would try to paint a rosy portrait of Bidenomics during his State of the Union address this week. But it was no good pretending the high prices were someone else’s problem. It’s a fact that President Biden has increased the cost of everything due to his big government spending spree.

AFP claims it is “putting significant weight” behind its “accountability effort to define the true impacts of Bidenomics and force legislators to admit their support for it.”

The group claims its campaign will begin with an ad blitz in the nation’s capital, which includes physical ads on metro stops, digital targeting, and mobile billboards ahead of the State of the Union Address.

AFP reports that the effort will continue into the fall with new rounds of digital and connected TV advertisements in five important Senate states, 26 key Congressional districts as well as Washington D.C. Also planned are digital and mail outreach, door knocking, phone calls, and grassroots events throughout the country.

The nation’s economy and employment growth have expanded steadily during the Biden Presidency, as the economy recovered from the massive global recession caused by the COVID-19 pandemic. However, inflation spiked during Biden’s first two years and continues to be a problem.

Biden does not get much credit, even though polls show Americans feeling better about their financial situation and the economy.

According to a new Fox News poll conducted on Sunday, the president is still far behind in handling the economy. This remains the number one issue that Americans are concerned about. In the February 25-28 poll, Biden received 37% approval on the topic and 62% disapproval.

Joe Biden, standing next to CS Wind’s employees on November 29, 2023, in Pueblo Colorado, will speak about Bidenomics. CS Wind, the world’s largest manufacturer of wind turbine towers, announced recently that they would be expanding their operations in response to the Inflation Reduction Act.

The President has repeatedly emphasized his economic agenda.

Biden, in a series he gave last year of economic speeches, said: “Guess What – Bidenomics works.” “Bidenomics” is about creating an economy that works from the middle and bottom up.

The President has highlighted the three major changes he considers to be fundamental in his economic policy: “First, smart investments in America. Second, educating American workers and giving them the tools to succeed to increase their middle class. Third, promote competition to lower costs and help small businesses.”

A new ad by AFP, as part of their campaign, includes snippets from news reports that highlight rising prices and the economic unhappiness of Americans. The narrator then urges viewers to tell Joe Biden and allies in Congress “We’ve had it with Bidenomics.”