Cry Baby, Michelle Obama Sobbed Uncontrollably After Trump Inauguration


While many people celebrated Donald Trump’s swearing-in, Michelle Obama, who is best known as the school lunch-killing wife of Barack Obama, apparently was brought to tears after the inauguration when her family took off from Joint Base Andrews in Maryland.

Obama claimed that she cried for 30 consecutive minutes, uncontrollably, after eight years of trying to keep it together. Here’s a clip taken from her podcast. It’s not something I would ever listen to, and it’s probably not for you either.

Obama spoke about Malia and Sasha Obama’s daughters, saying that they were leaving their home, which had been their home for eight years.  “They could recall living in Chicago but spent more time at The White House than any other place.” “So we had to say goodbye to all the staff who helped raise them and to those who cared about them. ”

I am sure it was hard to transition from having staff to look after your children’s everyday needs and education. Then, having no staff and having to actually be a parent.

It’s not surprising. Michelle Obama is known for her large circle of friends. She seemed to be enjoying all the perks of being married to Barack Obama.

In other news, I don’t really give a damn about what Michelle Obama rambles and cries about.