Dad of 96 Kids Quits Job to Meet His Progeny


The apple does not fall far from the trees, but Dylan Stone-Miller has traveled 9,000 miles to meet his almost-c note of children.

Stone-Miller, 32, left his job to spend the summer tracking down the kids he sired. Most of the “recipients” of his numerous “contributions” are single women and female couples. Clearly, he was a sperm donor.

Stone-Miller received $100 for each “donation”. He used this money to hire a lawyer when he was arrested in college for drinking underage. Stone-Miller’s parents refused to pay the lawyer, so he had to do it himself. Later, he admitted that he was not doing it to make money.

Stone-Miller started his fatherly journey when he was contacted after a woman, who received a dose from Stone-Miller with her same-sex lover, gave birth to Harper. Stone-Miller also fathered a girl named Harlow.

Alicia Bowes sent Stone-Miller a letter saying, “I hope you do not feel offended in any way. But it’s Canadian Thanksgiving and I want to express how grateful my entire family is for you.” Stone-Miller was to meet with the girls. Things got weird.

Stone-Miller requested that Bowes add him to a page on Facebook called Xytex Offspring and Donors. This is a place where families and donors can meet.

Bowes has created a special page for Stone Miller called “Xytex Offspring” (named after Stone-Miller’s sperm donation ID). He has met 25 of the many progeny through this page.

Meetings are complicated. Some parents want to meet Xytex 51186 while others don’t. Some parents are unsure how Stone-Miller fits into their family.

Bowes said, “I don’t think Harper should feel that she can call Harper anything.” Bowes stated, “He isn’t her father. Period. We would tell her straight out, “Dylan isn’t your dad.” He will never become your father. You don’t even have a father. You’re a donor. ‘”

Harper and Harlow’s mothers have identical tattoos in memory of Huxley, their son. Stone-Miller had asked the women to allow him to get the same tattoo. Stone-Miller was accused of being “pushy” for insisting on getting the same tattoo, given that he’s still a stranger.

No one knows why so many parents chose to have their children fathered by a college student who had a criminal history. Stone-Miller seems to have been motivated by narcissism. He reported feeling uneasy that some families didn’t want to call him dad.

Stone-Miller, a reporter for the Wall Street Journal, said that it was difficult to tell his biological daughter she wasn’t his father.

Stone-Miller quit his job, lived off his savings, and traveled nearly 9,000 miles to fulfill his fatherly quest. The journey of Stone-Miller to meet the barrel full of children is expected to conclude in September.