Community Note Dropped After CNN Went to Bat for a Pedophile


There’s not much that surprises me when it comes down to CNN, the cable news network with the lowest ratings. The network is known for spreading partisan propaganda and obfuscating news that doesn’t fit its narrative.

Even then, I’m still left dumbfounded by some things that are published. On Tuesday, a tweet was sent out decrying the fact that two men were charged in Uganda with “aggravated homophobia”.

What impression do you get when you read this? It sounds like CNN is defending these two men and heavily suggesting they have been wrongly accused under a law that the network calls “controversial”.

The CNN article is centered around criticism of Ugandan laws. But, there’s more.

In Uganda, two men are being charged with “aggravated homosexuality,” a crime punishable by death in the controversial new anti-gay laws.

On August 18, a 20-year-old man from the district of Soroti, in eastern Uganda, was charged with “unlawful sexual relations with one [man] age 41 with a physical disability,” Jacqueline Okui told CNN.

It’s interesting that the man was not charged with a crime for having homosexual sex, but rather for something that seems to be akin to statutory sexual assault, without age restrictions. If CNN doesn’t object, why is the story framed as controversial?

The second man’s charges are even worse when you look at the details.

According to Okui, another man was charged last month with “aggravated homophobia” in Jinja district of eastern Uganda after allegedly performing a “sexual act with a 12-year-old child of the same sexuality,”

Both of the men will be appearing in court in September.

CNN continues to criticize Uganda’s anti-LGBT laws and uses the testimony of activists as proof.

This is my issue with the article. If you agree that Uganda’s laws were too harsh, then why are they citing two people who have been charged with rape? One of the cases involved a 12-year-old boy. CNN is making itself look like a deranged organization that will do anything to promote a particular narrative.

In today’s world, news outlets can no longer get away with such things. The community note appeared later that day.

There are editors at CNN who could stand up and say “We shouldn’t be defending the pedophile to try to make this point.” There may not be any.