Dallas Cowboys Star Rips Biden Over Brittney Griner Prisoner Swap, Then Caves


Star linebacker for the Dallas Cowboys, Micah Parsons (the 2021 first-round selection for America’s Team) blasted President Joe Biden on Thursday morning over what Parsons viewed as a foolish prisoner swap that saw Brittney Griner, a U.S. basketball player, released from a Russian penal colony.

After leftists had attacked Parsons for his attack on their commander-in-chief, Parsons caved in and apologized, before walking back almost everything.

Parsons discovered that Paul Whelan, an ex-Marine convicted of spying in 2020 and sentenced to 16 years in a maximum-security Russian prison, wasn’t part of the swap. The Cowboys’ defensive chief was unhappy.

“Wait Nah! Did we leave a Marine? Parsons tweeted, “Hell Nah!”

Whelan denied all charges and talks regarding his release are allegedly continuing.

Parsons tweeted that Biden would not get his vote despite Griner’s announcement:

However, the tweet was quickly deleted.

Leftists are often upset when Twitter users who have large platforms and should be on board for left-wing policies like professional athletes, fail to follow the company’s guidelines. Parsons was similarly upset, and soon Parsons was resolving his grievances and apologizing.

Parsons began by supporting Griner and said it was “crazy” that Biden hadn’t also brought back Whelen. Parsons said that he doesn’t support former President Donald Trump but he does not love Biden.

Parsons was back into full beast mode less than an hour later.

Another major issue in the Biden prisoner swap is that Russia got back Viktor Bout, an arms dealer who was currently serving a 25-year sentence. This was apparently a top priority for Russian President Vladimir Putin.

CBS News reported that Bout-forGriner was a deal between former DEA agents who were involved in Bout’s capture. This could be detrimental to the “deterrence, consequences of committing a crime against the United States,” now that “killers” and “criminals” know they can negotiate their escape from long sentences.

Griner was sentenced in August to nine years in a Russian prison for smuggling the illegal drug into Russia. She was arrested at Moscow’s Sheremetyevo International Airport in February after vape cartridges containing cannabis oil were discovered in her luggage. Prosecutors claimed that 0.720 grams of cannabis were a significant amount.

Griner admitted that she brought the banned substance to Russia, but said it was an accident.