Dan Rather Plays Politics With Deadly Hurricane, Chiding Ron DeSantis for Martha’s Vineyard Stunt


Former “CBS Evening News” anchor Dan Rather, who was fired for airing false documents regarding George W. Bush’s Texas National Guard Service service, continues his desperate pursuit of relevancy by berating the Florida Governor. Ron DeSantis as Hurricane Ian threatened to strike the Sunshine State.

Hypocritical liberals were shocked when DeSantis sent 50 illegal aliens to Martha’s Vineyard, a smug, Democrat enclave. The illegals were shipped off the island within 24 hours. Rather took to Twitter to praise the virtues of Biden’s federal government, in contrast with the “stunts” pulled by DeSantis as Ian approached Florida.

Federal aid will be available to Florida when the hurricane strikes. This federal aid will be paid for by the tax dollars of Americans all across the country. The planes will not be filled with stunts, but with supplies. There won’t be a ‘us’ or ‘them’ because this is the way America should act and most Americans are aware of it.

“Us” Vs. “Them”? Hypocrite, please — this is exactly what you did.

Let’s not forget Lyin’ Biden, who pledged to “unite America” during his inaugural address. But he has done nothing but. He even labeled former President Donald Trump (MAGA) Republicans “semi-fascists,” who “threaten the rule of law.”

While Rather may not be the Liberal Lone Ranger that many people think, Democrats and left-wing rags are almost happy to report on the hurricane’s destruction, and even try to use the tragedy against Florida Governor Rick Scott. The left is also terrified of DeSantis, his large microphone and penchant for calling out and taking action against left-wing extremism. Politico is a leftist newspaper that attacks DeSantis and compares him to the former Florida Governor. Rick Scott, Florida’s junior senator since 2019.

DeSantis gave three briefings at The Emergency Operations Center on Monday. This is a regular venue where governors manage storm response. Scott, who managed the state’s response to four hurricanes in his eight-year tenure as governor, has not been as open as DeSantis.

Scott would host media events throughout the state as storms approached wearing his Blue Navy baseball cap. He was also a regular on national television, most notably the Weather Channel. In the days leading up to Hurricane Irma in 2017, Scott was on every morning network program on the same day. This storm caused the biggest evacuations in state history.

Kevin Guthrie (DeSantis’ emergency management chief) was interviewed by the Weather Channel on Monday morning. However, DeSantis has yet to appear on the Weather Channel during this weather event.

DeSantis is also putting aside his overtly pugilistic politics while Ian bears down. After President Obama declared a state emergency in Florida on Saturday, DeSantis praised Biden’s administration. This allows FEMA to coordinate its efforts before the storm arrives.

This was a rare compliment from someone who has used Biden to be a political heel on many partisan issues, as he prepares to run for the White House in 2024.

Coupla questions for Politico. What has Biden and the Democrats used Donald Trump’s name for almost six years (and counting?)? What are the most outrageous acts of retaliation against Trump, including his Jan. 6 committee? What purpose is Ron Desantis being used by the left? Although it may seem boring, the blatant hypocrisy is dangerous.

Dan Rather, an irrelevant person, blindly crawls from his hole every now and again to make a fool of himself on Twitter. Dan-O must be sucked.