Davos Vibe Disrupted: Looming Second Trump Term Causes Unease


There’s an orange poop sitting in the punchbowl of the globalist elite at Davos this year. They gather to celebrate their superiority, enjoy the ultimate luxury of privilege, and plan for the rest. In their fear of what a second Trump term will mean for their luxurious lifestyles, world leaders are being quite candid.

Peter Thal Larsen, a Reuters commentator, wrote in a commentary on Friday that “the specter of a second Trump Administration will loom large over many of this week’s panels, bilateral meetings, and drinks parties.” He says that Trump’s return “could revive tensions with Europe,” which is correct, but then he makes this blunder: “undermining Biden’s administration’s attempts to lead allies towards taking a stronger stance against China, the second largest economy in the world.”

You don’t have to be told how absurd it is to think that Biden was somehow more tough on China than Trump. The concern over increased tensions between the US and Europe under Trump is valid.

Larsen concludes that “delegates meeting [this] coming week will find it difficult to avoid discussing the potential of a comeback.” This time, they will be less likely to underestimate his chances of winning or the impact he’ll have on the global scene. The only world Trump 47 is likely to disrupt is that of the pampered globalists, who are not as able to impress Trump with their pedigrees, as they were with Biden, Kerry, and Obama.

Bloomberg has provided direct quotes by some of the nobility gathered in Davos, as part of a report on Monday titled “Davos Elite: Assessing the Global Risks of a Second Trump Presidency.” One stood out.

In an interview with Bloomberg Television, Vice Chairman Philipp Hildebrand of BlackRock Inc. said, “You know, it’s not the first time we’ve done it. We’ve survived it before. So we’ll just see what happens.” “Certainly, from a European perspective, a globalist or Atlanticist perspective it is a major concern.”

The hyperbole uttered last week by Christine Lagarde, President of the European Central Bank (ECB), in a French television interview raised even more eyebrows. Lagarde was asked to comment on a possible second term for Trump, as she is in Davos at the moment.

Lagarde said that “if we were to draw lessons from the past, i.e. the way he managed the first four of his term, then it is a clear threat.” She added: “Look at the trade tariffs. Look at NATO’s commitment. Just look at climate change.” In the past, American and European interests were not aligned in just these three areas.

She is right of course. Normal Americans do not want to be impoverished to pay for Europe’s pieties.

Lagarde said that, despite her optimism, she d

oes not believe that Trump’s reelection will be enough to stop American support for the war at the EU’s door. She added that there are “several U.S. Congress members who are deeply hostile towards the atrocious and brutal war that Russia waged against Ukraine” and that they would continue to support and finance Ukraine.

In a report published on Sunday, “Europe wants Trump-proofing in the event of a second presidential term”, CNN revealed that EU snobs are worried about a possible Trump presidency. CNN reveals the real nature of EU snobs’ worries in a Sunday report entitled “But that is not an easy task.” The article begins with EU Internal Market Chief Thierry Breton spreading a rumor last week at a European Parliament meeting. Breton said that Trump had told European Commission president Ursula von der Leyen in 2020 that “if Europe was under attack, then we would never come to your aid and support you.”

Multiple EU officials, diplomats, and journalists told CNN that the sudden recall of his past occurred at a sensitive moment as the EU tries to build up its defense capability outside the US-led NATO. The NATO member countries’ ammunition stocks have been depleted due to the Western military support of Ukraine.

It is not important to European officials whether Trump made these remarks or not. It is well-known that the former president has strong views about America’s historical role in European security. Trump, during his presidency, regularly spoke about defunding NATO, while complimenting authoritarian leaders such as Vladimir Putin of Russia, who is considered an enemy of NATO.

Brussels is concerned and angry about the reminder that Trump has this opinion and that he may return to the White House soon.

His beliefs are partly based on the uncomfortable fact that European nations underfunded their militaries over the years, assuming that war would be unlikely and the US would come to their rescue if it were to occur.

Trump shattered that assumption, no matter how naive it might have sounded. His hostility towards the Ukraine war effort is still having an effect, as it hurts the Republican Party’s unwillingness to approve more US funding for Ukraine.

“When Trump was elected, it made us realize that the US may not always act for European interests, especially when it is against American interests,” said a senior EU official to CNN. “It may sound naive to say it, but many people assumed that.”

You see, the trouble is that for years, the pantywaists in Europe have been pretending to be some kind of post-violence, highly-developed civilization. The prosperity and security that they have been able to steal from their brazen American cousins has enabled them to do this whole thing. The truth is, that the world will always be filled with violent people. And now the Russian Wolf is standing at the EU’s doorstep.

While I doubt President Trump would be content to watch as Russia rampaged across the Continent (and Europe), it seemsthat Europeans believe he would. The memory of Biden’s Afghanistan eavesdropping is probably still fresh in the Europeans’ subconscious.

The reality is settling in (emphasis mine)

A second European diplomat stated that Brussels could not be distracted by Trump like it was the first time, and it also cannot pay too much attention to Trump if he raises the possibility of ending US support for Ukraine. If he begins to talk about it, we have little power. We need to remain mature and continue because, when the war ends, Europe will be left with the consequences.

When Trump was president, the world was calmer, more stable, and more prosperous. The world today is destabilized and scary. Wars are raging in various places. Even the pantywaists in Davos are aware of this, even if it is not something they want to admit.