Defying the Odds: Rainwater Becomes Lifeline for Welder Pinned in Steel Coffin for Six Days


Matt Reum, a boilermaker from Mishawaka in Indiana, is a welder. Reum’s truck veered off Interstate 94 on December 20 just before Salt Creek. Reum’s vehicle landed under an underpass instead of in Salt Creek. Reum was pinned in the wreckage for six days and was unable to move. Reum’s miraculous survival is a Christmas miracle.

Police said that a 27-year-old man was pinned inside his truck under a highway overpass in Northwest Indiana and survived six days with only rainwater.

Two men who were scouting fishing spots on Tuesday afternoon spotted the vehicle with its airbag white deployed and went inside.

“They touched their body and the person turned his head and began talking to them.” “That got them a little riled up,” said Sgt. Glen Fifield, Indiana State Police, told local media outlets.

Fifield, at a press conference, said that the truck had veered off Interstate 94 before a bridge crossing Salt Creek. It missed the guardrail, and it was likely to have rolled several times, landing on the opposite side of the creek. The road above could not see the truck because the truck was hidden behind the creek.

Reum was first removed from the wreckage by emergency rescue crews, but this was not an easy task due to the location. Reum was carefully transferred to an ambulance, and then transported by helicopter to Memorial Hospital South Bend. Reum is in critical condition and has had a part of his left leg amputated. Reum, according to his Boilermaker Union spokesperson, is in good spirits.


Hayley Traxler, Reum’s friend, has created a GoFundMe account to cover Reum’s recovery as well as additional medical costs.

He has broken bones all over his body. We care most about his survival. He needs all of our love and support during this difficult time. “He is the most generous human I have ever met. He would do anything to help you, even if you didn’t know him at all.”

Sgt. Fifield stated that Reum’s determination to survive was extraordinary.

This incident would most likely have been different if it weren’t for two people who were walking along the creek in the afternoon.

Fifield guessed that Reum’s life was dependent on the warmer winter temperatures. On Tuesday, the unseasonably mild Midwest climate turned into brutal cold just as the rescue crews were removing Reum from the wreckage. This is a testament to how invincible you are when your time comes. This is the comforting and joyful news that fits the season.