Democrats Outraged After Kennedy Reads Graphic Book During Senate Hearing


John Kennedy, a US Senator, made headlines on Tuesday when he read from Gender Queer and other books during a hearing.

The book is being used in public schools all over the country. It has become a symbol for the leftist attempt to sexualize kids. Parents from all political backgrounds have taken to the streets in an effort to assert their rights and demand that pornographic material be removed from classrooms.

Unbelievably, Democrats are now doubling down on their claims that Republicans have passed laws to prevent school libraries from stocking any sexual content. Illinois and other states have passed laws that prohibit the removal of pornographic material from libraries and classrooms.

Kennedy chose to read from Gender Queer at a hearing where several LGBT activists were in attendance and testifying. The responses he got said it all.

Hang on. Why are these words “disturbing”? If it’s so disturbing that it can’t be read by the U.S. Senate then it must be suitable for children to read. It would seem logical to conclude that way, but the modern Democratic Party has never been accused of being logical and consistent.

Kennedy’s reading reminded me of a recent press conference by Gov. Ron DeSantis that showed Gender Queer pictures in early 2023. After the images were shown, mainstream media outlets had to censor themselves, as they were proving their point more effectively than verbal arguments.

Aaron Rupar, the left-wing social media hack of choice for many on the left, tried to mock Kennedy and failed miserably. Aaron Rupar – the favorite social media hack of the left – tried to mock Kennedy, but failed.

Here’s Rupar’s question: Why is Kennedy’s reading of Gender Queer uncomfortable for him? Why does he consider it out of bounds and something to mock? If this book is okay for children to read in public school, then why would it not be OK for a Senator to read it during a hearing on Capitol Hill?

This is the ideological corner in which Democrats have placed themselves. Most of them (and I say most because there are some who do not believe this) know that Gender Queer does not belong in schools. Left-wingers, however, are so devoted to the LGBT community that even stating this basic truth is considered sacrilege. So, you get these absurd situations in which Democrats are upset when Republicans point out what the Left actually supports. Keep it up. Mirror them.