Democrats Want This Swept Under The Rug


It amazes me that Democrats feel they have to hide their true colors until after an election.

Democrats are fighting hard to save their careers, and they are moving away from Joe Biden. They also have to distance themselves from key issues within their party platform. To save their campaigns, House Democrats are being told to reject support for amnesty, open borders, critical racism, and defunding police.

Yet, Democrats will not touch another issue with a ten-foot pole… at least not until after the midterms. It’s safer, you know.

Gun control is the issue.

reports The Hill. Joe Biden has called for more gun control legislation. However, his party members have “little appetite” to pursue it before November. Two gun control bills passed the House in March 2021 but have languished in the Senate.

It’s not a good idea. Most adults want existing laws to be followed, and not new laws.

Beto O’Rourke of Texas, a former candidate for governor, once said, “Hell yeah, we’re going take your AR-15.” Now says he’s not interested in taking anything from anyone.

Democrats think that we don’t understand what they are doing.