DeSantis Goes After Foundation for Lewd Drag Show Event With Children Present


Gov. Ron DeSantis (R.Fla.), is the culture warrior that we need right now. He has made a promise to protect Florida’s children and he is keeping his word.

A drag queen Christmas event was held in Fort Lauderdale, Miami, and Orlando last December. The national tour included the show, which was filled with explicit sexual content despite repeated claims of being family-friendly.

If you click on this tweet’s first video, you have been warned.

One local activist interrupted the Dec. 26 show to shout that children shouldn’t be there.

Javier Manjarres, of The Floridian, documented the show’s lasciviousness and the fact that minors were present during the performance.

WARNING: This video contains explicit content.

Bryan Griffin, DeSantis’s Press Secretary, issued a statement shortly after the performances.

Multiple complaints have been made to the Department of Business and Professional Regulation (DBPR). They are concerned about a performance that was sexually explicit and marketed towards children. It took place in Fort Lauderdale, FL on December 26th. This matter is being investigated by the Department, which includes video footage and photos from the event. Like in other cases, the DPBR will take action.

Florida’s criminal law makes it illegal to expose children to explicit sexual activity.

Any evidence collected by the Department will be shared with the Florida Department of Law Enforcement, (FDLE), in order to help determine criminal liability.

These matters are often investigated by the Department based on tips from the public. We thank you for your continued attention. These allegations will continue to be a priority for Department investigators and are currently ongoing.

Last week, DeSantis fulfilled his promise. The Department of Business and Professional Regulation of Florida (DPBR), has filed a six-count lawsuit against Orlando Philharmonic Foundation, Inc., for hosting the Dec. 28 event in Orlando while children were present. The complaint could result in the venue hosting the drag show losing its liquor license.

In part, the complaint, which is 27 pages long, states that Respondent hosted and supported a ticketed show titled “A Drag Queen Christmas” (‘the Show) at the Licensed Premises. He also sold alcohol to those in attendance. Respondent promoted the Show with targeted promotional materials about Christmas that didn’t give notice of the explicit nature of the Show or any other content.

The state added, “Rather than draw attention to the Show’s explicit sexual content or admit that it might not suit children, Respondent’s promotional materials clearly stated that all ages are welcome.”

According to the Floridian, “whatever plausible denial the show has to defend it is a barely visible piece of paper taped on a door reading: “while we aren’t restricting access for anyone under 18, please take note that some may feel the context is inappropriate for under 18.”

According to the state, it claims that the foundation was warned by it prior to the shows that “[s]exually-explicit drag show performances constitute public nuisances and lewd activity when minors are present” and that if the foundation failed to make sure that minors could not attend such performances, its license could be subject to severe penalties, including revocation.

DeSantis is being protected by the Democrats and their compatriots in mainstream media. Anna V. Eskamani, a state representative from the 47th district, took aim at DeSantis in a Twitter thread complaining about his “anti LBGTQ+ agenda.”

One congressman joined the fray. Rep. Maxwell Frost (D-Fla.), called the state’s actions fascism, tweeting that “Queer Celebration is Anything But Obscene.” “The Raw Story headlined its coverage with “Ron DeSantis retaliates Against Florida venue that hosted drag shows in December.”

This is evidence that DeSantis is doing right by going after sites that expose minors to sexually explicit content and fighting against the left’s drag obsession. Keep up the great work Governor