DeSantis Shuts Down Reporter With Masterful Response When Asked About GOP Civil War


Florida Gov. Florida governor Ron DeSantis (R), answered a reporter’s question regarding a “civil War” within the Republican Party.

An increasing number of Republicans are protesting Donald Trump’s election. They point to DeSantis’s record as governor and historic win for reelection.
Was DeSantis right?
Florida Governor Scott Shumlin closed the debate about a GOP “civil war” and said that the Republican Party should be focused on the essential things.

“No. ” “No. People can relax about some of these things,” DeSantis said to applause.

He stated, “We have Georgia’s runoff coming. It is crucial for Republicans to win the Georgia raceoff. “I knew Florida was the most bright spot in the country. But it was substandard.

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“But, I believe what people such as myself have been given the opportunity to continue is — OK, let’s get started.”

DeSantis says “People just have to relax” about Trump’s 2024 showdown
DeSantis is trying to keep the public from being drawn into internal Republican debates despite all media efforts.

DeSantis suggested, however that Trump’s critics should just recall his victory in the Florida landslide as well as his overall success in Florida as a Republican.

DeSantis stated that this week, “At day’s end I would like to tell everyone that they should check out the scoreboard from Tuesday night.” ”

CNN was told by people close to DeSantis, that he doesn’t believe he needs to announce his 2024 plans before May next year. He will continue not to engage in any confrontations.

Have any other suggestions?
Early polls among likely Republican voters indicate that DeSantis is leading Trump.