DeSantis Targeted by Team Trump in Deceptively Edited Video


The battle of Team Trump versus DeSantis has become a mudslinging of stupidity-filled war. Those who supported former President Donald Trump have circulated a clip featuring Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis appearing to think that Russia’s meddling in the 2016 election led to Trump’s victory.

Darren J. Beattie was the first to share the video. The video was shared by several social media influencers that are pro-Trump.

What did Russia get out of this high-stakes meeting? I don’t know what they got out of it. I think that Putin if you look at the operation that they did with the spear phishing and the hacking, was really a third-rate operation. It was not sophisticated. I think the House Intel report and the Mueller indictment show that. But man, what mileage have they gotten out of that? A lot of that is being driven by the President’s political opponents, both in the Democratic Party and the press. I think what bugs him about the issue is that it was used to try to delegitimize his election victory. I personally think that the Intel report and the indictment are credible in terms of assigning blame culpability to Russia.

What’s wrong? The video shared by the Kremlin removed DeSantis’s entire comment, which meant that the viewer did not get the full context. DeSantis’s point was that the Kremlin had attempted to influence the election, but this was proven. They did not influence or determine the outcome.

However, it is not the case that there was collusion between Trump’s campaign and Russia. In my opinion, this issue has been mingled with other issues by people who are trying to damage him as president.

DeSantis War Room, the Rapid Response Team for the Governor, posted a tweet with the entire clip dispelling this falsehood.

It is 100% false, and @DarrenJBeattie knows it. @RonDeSantis then mocked Russia for its pathetic hacking efforts — saying it had “nothing to do with how he whipped Hillary Clinton.” “I don’t think there was any Trump/Russian collusion, either.

DeSantis, who was one of Trump’s strongest defenders in this matter, also denied that Russia was involved in Trump’s election. Trump’s team believed it would be a good idea for them to treat the governor the same way that the activist media treated Trump after spreading the “Fine People Hoax”. They used the same tactic to attack Kathy Barnette when she ran for Senate in Pennsylvania. Trump supporter

DeSantis has a lot of contradictions. Trump doesn’t have any less.

Given the state of American politics, it is not surprising. Many Americans seem to be more interested in “owning” an opponent than proving their point.

The former president remains in the lead according to the most recent polls. However, anything can happen, especially given the current environment.