Disney World Rollercoaster Malfunction Leaves Guests Stranded


Disney World visitors may not have had the most magical or happy day after a steep coaster became stuck and stranded guests for 30 minutes.

Disney Food Blog cites a Disney employee known as a Cast Member, who said that Expedition Everest in Disney World’s Animal Kingdom, Florida, was closed for about 30 minutes on Thursday.

The Cast Member stated that there were “technical” delays on the wild coaster, forcing guests in two separate coaster cars to hold tight.

The 199.5-foot tall coaster is the tallest at any Disney theme park. It leads up the mountain before the angry Yeti intercepts it.

According to the Disney Food Blog, one of the coaster vehicles was stuck as it began its heart-stopping climb up the mountain.

The other coaster had a problem at the point where riders started to reverse.

Fans jumped in to comment after the Disney blog posted the footage of the frozen roller coaster on X.

One rider said, “I’m not in the video.”

“Great views, for sure!” One person wrote:

Some disagreed and said that they would be nervous if their fear of heights was real.

Another wrote: “That’s the part of the ride that I hate the most.” “I wouldn’t be happy.”

Disney World guests were treated to some other strange sights last month after a man’s clothes were caught on video being removed on a ride.

Another guest recorded an animated mishap at Magic Kingdom that caused Snow White’s right arm to appear to have been ripped off.