Donald Trump Concerned Israel Is Losing PR Power While Reconfirming His Support


Hugh Hewitt, a syndicated talk show host, spoke to the former President Donald Trump on Thursday. During the interview, Trump reaffirmed his support for Israel and expressed concern that Israel may be losing international public relations while conducting its military campaign. The transcript of the interview shows:

Are you still 100 percent behind Israel? What’s your advice for Netanyahu, other than to get this over with quickly?

DJT: That’s the best advice I can give. That’s all I can say. It’s time to move on and get back to your normal routine. It’s not the best way to do it. You have to win. It takes a while to get a win. The other thing I dislike is that they release tapes constantly. They release tapes every night of buildings falling. It’s not right to release tapes in this way. It’s because they do, and that’s the reason why they are losing in their PR war. Israel, they are losing the war on PR.

It is interesting to hear this observation from a former president who is a marketing and public relations master himself.

Biden’s administration is becoming more harsh about Israel, and its actions, possibly because it has polling data from states with large Muslim populations.

Trump speculated about the reasons Israel released the “tapes” of a falling building but said that they needed to complete the task.

They release the most horrifying tapes showing buildings crumbling. People imagine that there are many people inside those buildings. I don’t understand why they released such wartime photos. It makes them appear tough, I suppose. To me, this doesn’t make them look tough. They are losing the war on PR. They are losing big. They have to finish the job they started and finish it quickly. We need to move on.

While in office, President Trump pushed the Abraham Accords which established diplomatic relations and recognition between Israel and three Muslim-majority nations including the United Arab Emirates (UAE), Bahrain, and Morocco.

Israel, of course, is responding to one of the most horrific attacks in recent history. On October 7th, the Holocaust was surpassed by the largest massacre of Jews in history. Perhaps it is understandable for them to want to count their victories against Hamas by publicizing the news.