El Salvador’s President Takes On Ilhan Omar in Blistering Tweet


Nayyib Bukale, the President of El Salvador just destroyed Congresswoman Ilhan Oma, who lives on the far left side of life.

Omar said on the X Platform that she had written a letter to Secretary Antony Blinken expressing concern over alleged attacks on democracy in El Salvador.

Omar wrote: “The State Department should review its relationship to El Salvador and defend democratic values.”

Bukele replied to Omar, saying it was “honorable”, to be “attacked,” by someone so unreliable.

He wrote: We’re HONORED that you attacked us before OUR elections. I would be concerned if we backed you. Thank you

Bukele humiliated Omar, but X’s Community Notes also stepped in and corrected the record.

The community note stated that El Salvador’s democratically-elected president Nayib Bukele won the 2019 elections with a majority of 54%. Under his leadership, El Salvador has seen a 93% drop in murders and he has currently a 91% rating of approval among the citizens.

Omar and her Democratic counterparts had the nerve to attack Bukele despite his popularity and successful efforts to transform one of Latin America’s most dangerous nations into one of its safer nations.

The letter is written in:

During his first term as president, President Bukele was responsible for the militarization of harassment against legislators, the erosion of judicial autonomy, and the criminalization of civil society.

We think that the State Department has too much enthusiasm for President Bukele’s reelection campaign.

Omar is a master of interfering in the affairs of other countries.

The Minnesota Congresswoman, who fled Somalia as a refugee when she was just a teenager, has pledged allegiance to Somalia. By doing so, she managed to inflame tensions within her nation.

There is friction between us, which leads to fights.  We are a well-organized society of Somalians and Muslims.

Somalia only belongs to Somalis. 

Somaliland’s officials strongly condemned Omar’s comments. She said, “I am profoundly shocked and surprised by her comments”.