Elon Musk Institutes Chef’s Kiss Auto-Response to Press Inquiries


It is obvious that Elon Musk, Twitter CEO, is anything but a traditional chief executive. He loves to make people think and talk about Twitter.

His penchant to provoke his critics, including woke celebrities and politicos, is second only after that of former President Donald Trump. Musk, like Trump, seems to be aware that mainstream media is agenda-driven. It is not focused on finding the truth about any topic, but rather towards creating a political narrative. This involves seeking out sources that will confirm your blockbuster story as true.

Musk set the media ablaze in a classic example. He went into a Twitter Spaces Chat, which was crowded with journalists angry at the suspensions of the social media platform. He told them they were not special when it came down to following Twitter’s rules. For instance, he posted someone’s personal data without their consent. They would be treated the same as any other Twitter user.

Musk recently made a new fauxfend for members of the media by declaring that he had instructed Twitter’s press account to automatically respond to their queries using the poop emoticon.

Random Twitter users sent an email to confirm the authenticity of the tweet.

Musk has made it a habit to use the poop emoticon, so much that he was once threatened with legal action.

Musk has been criticized for using the emoji before. This was evident in a 2022 lawsuit where Twitter cited several of Musk’s tweets – including one where Musk tweeted the emoji- as evidence that he had “violated the obligations” in the merger agreement he signed when he took over the company.

Musk tweeted the single emoji in May 2022. This tweet made headlines around the world because it was a criticism of Parag Agrawal, CEO of the platform.

Although there was a lot of outrage around Musk’s announcement, CBS News had a little fun with the news that Musk set the automatic response to a poop-emoji headline.

Twitter’s press email automatically “pooping on” the media

They also stated that the change came after Twitter’s old email address for journalists with questions about Twitter had been dormant for several months.”

Although it is a good sign that journalists are receiving a “response from Musk”, it’s not what they had hoped for.