Emma Stone: Anxiety Is ‘A Very Selfish Condition’


Emma Stone, who was nominated for an Oscar as Bella Baxter in the film ‘Poor Things,’ walks the red carpet at the 2024 Critics Choice Awards.

Emma Stone, who played the character of “Poor Things” in the Oscar-nominated film, said that anxiety is a selfish condition.

Stone, 35, played Bella Baxter, who has no shame about anyone’s opinion.

Stone said: “I think it’s the reason I was so obsessed with her.” It’s not about the shame or self-judgment, as you put it, but rather the social contracts you made as a young child.

She continued, “And anxiety has the characteristic of making you constantly watch yourself.” In some ways, and this is a horrible thing to say, it’s a selfish condition. It’s not that I’m trying to be rude, but it is because you are thinking about yourself so much. You are thinking, “What will happen to me?” What have I done? What have I said?

“Whereas Bella’s way of approaching the world, it’s just about experience. It’s just about how she feels about things.”

The film premiered in Venice, Italy at the Venice Film Festival on September 8 and was released in U.S. cinemas on December 8. Stone said that the character she played was unlike anything else she had ever done before when accepting the Golden Globes’ top award.

Emma Stone was awarded the Golden Globe Award for Best Actress in January.

Stone told the press that she drew inspiration more from removing her life’s experiences than from tapping into them.

She continued, “She was unlike any character I had ever read, played, or seen before.” It was more about unlearning than reliving my past. This was beautiful and liberating.

“Poor Things”, which received 11 Oscar nominations, included Stones for the best actress in a major role. The film has also been nominated for Best Picture, Best Screenplay Adaptation, and more.

Stone told ABC that “Poor Things” has received 11 nominations. It feels like a dream. “I am grateful beyond words to the Academy for recognizing my film and me, as an actress and producer, in this exceptional group of nominees.