EPA’s New Move: Your Car Could Be Outlawed Soon


It sounds outrageous to say “Outlaw your car”, but it’s getting closer to being the truth. What’s the difference between outlawing a thing and regulating it into extinction?

The EPA is preparing to implement stricter rules against cars and trucks powered by gas and diesel this week.

According to Inside EVs, it is expected that the Biden EPA will finalize its emissions rules as early as Wednesday. “The rule will require a certain percent — up to two-thirds of all new cars by 2032 — to be electric,” says Inside EVs. Politico describes the rule as “a measure that will tackle the nation’s largest source of pollution and speed up the transition to electric cars.”

The rule would require automakers to reduce their average carbon dioxide emissions by 52% between the years 2027 and 2032. The EPA estimates that the standard will push carmakers to make electric cars and light trucks a majority of all new vehicles in 2032.

Originally scheduled to be announced by April 2023, Inside EVs reports that “car manufacturers, dealer groups and petroleum companies have all strongly rebutted the announcement.”

Many said that the U.S. wasn’t ready,’ as the prices of EVs were higher on average than those of internal combustion vehicles and the charging infrastructure was lacking.

The EPA will soon announce new regulations that will change all that. Not by making EVs cheaper, but by imposing so strict emission requirements on gas engines and diesels that most buyers in 2027 won’t be able to afford a conventional car or light truck.

If we are being honest, the EV sector needs Washington’s official support right now. EV sales are plateauing despite billions in tax credits. Fisker Automotive has “paused”, manufacturing new vehicles as it tries to secure new funding. Ford is moving away in a major way from EV production. Toyota looks smarter than ever by focusing on hybrids.

I would also like to add that despite billions of dollars in subsidies for the construction of more EV charging stations, they don’t seem to be popping up everywhere along the interstate highway network as promised.

The environmentalists were disappointed that the Biden administration did not impose their EV vision on the nation in the last year. The delay could have a political motive, as the administration waited until an election year before launching its massive push to force EVs upon us regardless of whether we wanted them or not.

The timing could be off, but I think the White House is trying to use this rule to rally Biden’s EV-loving supporters (not to mention those parasites and grifters who profit from the mandates) while giving the public enough time to forget about it before November.