Erdogan Signals Turkey to Accept Finnish Application to NATO. Sweden Could Swiftly Follow


Mid-May 2022 saw the announcement that Sweden and Finland applied for NATO membership. Vladimir Putin, Russia’s President, was shocked by this news.

ISTANBUL (AP), Turkey’s President Recep Takip Erdogan announced Friday his government would ratify Finland’s NATO application. This will allow the country to join NATO prior to Sweden.

Sauli Niinisto (the Finnish President) visited Ankara to meet Erdogan. This was a significant change from the decades-old non alignment of men.

NATO expansion requires unanimous approval from its 30 members. Turkey and Hungary are both the countries that haven’t ratified the Nordic countries’ bids. The Turkish government had reservations about Sweden.

Erdogan said that Finland had made concrete attempts to fulfill its promises under the trilateral agreement. He spoke at Ankara’s news conference after his meeting with Niinisto.

This was a sensitive security issue, according to the president. It was based on progress in the protocol for Finland’s accession to NATO.

Ergogan also spoke about the future of Sweden

Erdogan expressed concern about Turkey’s willingness ratify Sweden’s accession to NATO. He said that it would depend on the “solid actions” taken by Sweden.

Erdogan explained the differences between Ankara and Nordic countries’ views saying that Sweden had “embraced terroristic behavior” and citing demonstrations held in Stockholm by Kurdish militants.

In May 2022 President. Bob Hoge, my colleague, pointed out that Erdogan danced a completely different jig.

Recep Tayyip Erdan, Turkish President, is also against the applications. Erdogan, Turkish President, stated Monday that Sweden was a “hatery for terrorists” with terrorists in its parliament.

Erdogan resigned his veto in order to let both countries join the EU in June. Streiff wrote

Recep Tayyip Erdan, the Turkish president, has waived his objections against NATO membership requests from Sweden and Finland. These two countries, which were previously unaligned, will now be part the West’s bulwark against Russian aggression.

As the talks progressed, it became clear that Erdogan desired three things. As a result of the ongoing war against Kurdish groups, Erdogan wanted Sweden and Finland not to embargo Turkey’s arms. Erdogan blames them all for the failed coup attempt in 2016.

These are the coverages for Hungary, according to the AP

Viktor Orban (Hungarian Prime Minster) and other legislators had promised to ratify both country’s NATO membership applications. However, the vote was repeatedly delayed by the parliament.

Fidesz’s leader Orban stated Friday that a vote for Finnish accession would take place on March 27.

Finnish President Sauli Niinisto expressed optimism about the timeline for NATO entry.