FBI Arrests Three for Running ‘High-End Brothel’ in DC Area, Politicians Among Alleged Clients


There’s a reason they call it the oldest profession.

As though there weren’t already enough (metaphorically speaking) of these things going on in Congress, we now see that three men were arrested on charges of operating a series of “high-end’ brothels, one of which was just outside the nation’s capital.

A new indictment claims that authorities arrested three people accused of organizing an “upscale brothel network”, that had been operating since 2020, and whose clients included military officers and elected officials.

Federal prosecutors have announced that Han Lee, James Lee, and Junmyung Lee, all of whom are in their 40s, were arrested on Wednesday after being accused of operating a “prostitution network” in Cambridge, Watertown, Massachusetts, and in Fairfax, Virginia, near Washington, D.C.

According to prosecutors, the defendants advertised their prostitution network through two websites. These sites listed women’s bust sizes, heights, weights, and other details, including nude or semi-naked photos.

Although no other information has been released, other than the names of the three accused, it is worth some speculation. Just look at their names: Han Lee James Lee and Junmyung Lee. Are these three Americans? Where did they originate from? Other than the obvious, what else happened in the “high-end’ brothels?

Did there seem to be any link, for example, with a national figure who has been known to deal with China and to hire prostitutes in the past?

The customer list was apparently revealing.

The prosecution claims that customers of the high-end network included politicians, pharmaceutical executives, and doctors, as well as government contractors with security clearances. Also, the defendants claim that professors, lawyers, executives from technology companies, scientists, accountants, and retail employees were among the clients. ”

I wonder, do politicians get a discount, as a professional courtesy?

It’s worth noting that some local governments are willing to give taxpayer money to support houses with bad reputations and the people who work there.

Back to the three accused perps:

As of this writing, there is no information yet available about these three other than their names. But those names provoke some speculation. If China were to run an intelligence-gathering operation, in or near Washington D.C., how better could they go about it than to entice customers of a high-end cathouse into some pillow talk? Especially when those customers include politicians, military officers, government contractors with security clearances, business executives, and scientists. It may be the oldest trick in the book, that classic old honey trap, but it’s an old trick because it works, and the next logical step in this investigation should be to examine that client list and determine what, if any, information may have been extracted during the course of… let’s just say, business transactions. Find out who told what to whom, if any such did indeed happen, and if it did, at a minimum, revoke some security clearances.

The divorce lawyers of the DC area could also be able to benefit from the list if it becomes public.