Fight Breaks Out at Texas Capitol Over Trans Activist’s Viral Speech Comparing Lawmakers to Hitler


Loren Perkins, a transgender activist gave a passionate speech to support drag performances at Texas’ capitol. The speech led to an altercation on Wednesday.

The moment quickly went viral on TikTok and was viewed more than 1,000,000 times.

Perkins used the analogy between Texas state legislators, and Nazis when he opposed legislation that would have denied state funding to public libraries.

Perkins said, “By manipulating words in an ancient text and shoehorning these into legislation aimed at an at-risk minor population, you liken yourself to another group that gained popularity in Germany during the 1930s.”

Perkins said that legislators were Adolf Hitler’s. He stated, “When a small man stood in front of crowds with a smaller mustache and declared himself superior to others — I’ve seen the same thing. ”

As Perkins pushed the time limit and was approached by a security guard, an unidentified person ran out in front of the law enforcement officer. The two then got into a shoving match, momentarily interrupting Perkins’ speech.

The activist said that hiding your bigotry behind kids is a sure way of getting on the wrong side of history.

Perkins claimed that homosexual and transgender people were among the first to be held by the Nazi Party.

Perkins claimed Texas’ proposed legislation was a “veneer”, meant to conceal its true target: “Marginalization for the LGBTQIA+ community.”

“The bill is just two seconds away from outdated, discriminatory articles of the law of the 20th century.” It is unacceptable. Perkins said that they wouldn’t support it.

Perkins shouted at legislators, and officials apparently turned off Perkins’ microphone.

“If you wish to eradicate transgenderism from the public life as members of your party have said, you can pry that from my cold, dead hands,” Perkins declared.