Final Trove of Court Documents Revealing Jeffrey Epstein’s Associates to be Made Public


A new report claims that the public will soon be able to access the final collection of court documents in the Jeffrey Epstein case. The documents will identify the pedophile Jeffrey Epstein’s associates and make “salacious” claims.

According To The Daily Mail, nearly four years after Epstein’s scandalous death, the last batch of court documents containing salacious allegations about 167 of Jeffrey Epsteins associates, victims, or employees will finally be released.

Wednesday’s declaration indicates that at least one public figure appears on the Epstein associates lists

Court documents state that the “alleged perpetrators”, as well as Epstein, were accused of “serious wrongdoing.” “The court documents state that Epstein’s crimes led to misconduct by law enforcement officers or prosecutors.

The Daily Mail reports, “The individual was involved in Epstein’s 2007 charges”. “He was sentenced to 15 months for soliciting minor prostitutes in a sweetheart deal with the state prosecutors of Florida. ”

The documents will reportedly be unsealed after dozens of John Dos and Jane Dos made their names public.

Virginia Giuffre (an alleged Epstein victim) filed the documents in court to protect Ghislaine Maxwell’s defamation case.

Giuffre claims Maxwell employed her as a 16-year-old masseuse, and then made her Epstein’s “sex slave.” It also included secret sex with other pedophiles.

The case was resolved in 2017. However, the case material was gradually lost.

A batch of previously unseen files was released on July 30, 2020. It contained 47 documents and more than 600 pages from the settled case of defamation.

U.S. District Judge Loretta Preska directed that secret files be made available in July 2021.

Maxwell is currently in prison serving a 20-year sentence for her participation in a sex trading operation that involved minors.

Epstein was discovered in his Metropolitan Correctional Center cell on August 10, 2019, and declared dead.