Fire Department Responds to Biden’s Account of 2004 Fire, Calls Incident Insignificant


The Delaware Fire Department that responded in 2004 to a fire at President Joe Biden’s home has responded to the dramatic account from the president.

Biden claimed Tuesday, that firefighters almost died in the Wilmington fire at his Wilmington home back when he was still a senator.

Biden claimed that he was doing “Meet the Press”, and that lightning struck the pond behind his home. The water surged through the ground, into the air conditioner system, and created thick black smoke.

Biden stated, “Everything was destroyed, from the basement to the third and attic floors. ”

The Cranston Height Fire Company’s chief fireman stated that they had caught fire in their kitchen early and that it didn’t spread beyond there.

“Fortunately we were able to quickly get it under control. Fire Chief George Lamborn stated that the fire was under control in 20 minutes.

Cranston Heights Fire Company stated in a Friday statement that although the fire was not considered to be significant, it was important for the homeowner.

According to the fire department, the fire service could consider this fire insignificant if it did not cause multiple alarms or required a wide response throughout the county. The fire was nevertheless significant for homeowners. It was quickly responded to by local firefighters.

Fire departments warned that structural problems can be caused by fires in homes. This can lead to collapse. This can happen quickly and without warning.

According to the fire department, any firefighter who encounters a fire is “inherently hazardous” and could pose a risk to their lives while trying to save lives or property. “In this case, the fire was contained in 20 minutes but did not spread to other rooms.”

The fire department recognizes President Joe Biden’s trauma and all those who were hurt by home fires. “The firefighters and their members truly appreciate the President’s concern for responders’ safety and well-being as they tried to protect life and property at the time.”

The fire department concluded that the fire was put out by the local Fire Company.

Cranston Heights Fire Company requested more information from Delaware State Fire Marshal’s Office.

Biden recounted the story about the fire many times. Biden made remarks to Hurricane Ian victims in Florida last Wednesday.

The president said that while we didn’t lose our entire homes, we were struck by lightning and suffered a lot.

Biden added an interesting twist to the story by claiming that his wife was still in the house when the house was burned down.

Biden visited New Hampshire to promote his $1.2 billion infrastructure bill.

Biden claimed earlier this week that Beau was his son and had “lost himself in Iraq”

Beau Biden, 46, died after a long battle against brain cancer. His son was able to leave Iraq in 2009.

The president has made many other falsified claims over the years. The president claimed that he was arrested several times for protesting civil rights. However, this claim is unsupported by evidence.