Former Navy SEAL, Senate Candidate Asks White House to Stand Up to Iran, and Support Israel


Former Navy SEAL and Senate Candidate Tim Sheehy stated that America should provide “unconditional” support to Israel as the conflict in the Middle East flares up.

Sheehy, in an exclusive interview conducted by Fox News, at Bridger Aerospace, Bozeman, Montana urged people to stand up to Iran, and support Israel, after Hamas attacked the country brutally and without warning.

“Israel knows better than we how to combat Hamas.” They don’t require our assistance to accomplish this. The GOP candidate said that they needed our unconditional support to maintain their independence from all hostile Muslim actors who have been trying for nearly 80 years to wipe Israel out of the Earth.

Sheehy cited President Biden’s unfreezing of $6 billion worth of assets for Iran, just weeks before Hamas struck Israel. Republicans opposed this move which ultimately led to the refreezing after Hamas had attacked Israel.