Fox News Reporter Shuts Down The Hack Who Distorted His Report on Texas School Shooting


Fox News reporter Bill Melugin excels at what he does. This is a legacy of his time at the Fox News affiliate in Charlotte before he moved on to Fox Los Angeles. Later, he became a national reporter for the cable news network. His primary focus was on reporting from the southern border about ongoing illegal immigration problems plaguing border states like Texas, Arizona, and California.

Melugin’s detailed, on-the-ground (and sometimes in-flight via helicopters or drones) reporting on the border crisis is very effective in shining a spotlight on serious problems that the Biden administration doesn’t want the American public to know about. He is being attacked and vilified now by The Usual Suspects of the Left who portray him as a closet conservative “propagandist” who is allegedly using this position to promote anti-immigration rhetoric that his critics claim is spouted by right-wingers.

It was therefore not surprising to see another one after Melugin’s coverage Tuesday of the horrendous mass shooting at Robb Elementary School, Uvalde Texas that claimed 19 lives and injured two teachers trying to protect them.

Timothy Burke, aka “BubbaProg”, proudly boasts that his work was featured at liberal “news” sites such as The Daily Beast and Deadspin. He shared the below clip of Melugin responding to Jeanine Pirro’s question about whether or not there had been a chase by the border patrol of the deceased perpetrator.

Remember that this rumor was reported by multiple media outlets, including ABC News and CBS News. They were trying to discover the truth and bring it to readers and viewers. “Bubba” chose to focus his attention on Fox News. He then cut out Melugin’s complete answer to the question to try to “own” the Fox News reporter. Burke clearly implied that Burke was trying to make this into an “accuse the illegal immigrant” situation.


Below is Melugin’s more detailed answer. Here, people can clearly see that he doubted the credibility of early reports regarding a chase by border patrol agents.

Melugin is not a stranger to this deceptive tactic. He responded accordingly and called the wannabe-Aaron Rupar an “absolute hack”.

It is not a good idea to edit a video in order to get clicks or RTs. This is a common practice for the left. However, it is especially bad to do so during a tragedy where emotions are high and people are seeking answers from the media.

Amazingly, “Bubba”, who later claimed Fox News had reported “some of most irresponsible rubbish you will ever see on TV” about the school shooting, was unaware of the irony that this was coming from the man who intentionally and irresponsibly implied that Fox News was trying to create an anti-illegal immigrant sentiment.

Some people took the opportunity to report Burke’s tweet to Twitter for “manipulated news media”. However, the tweet is still up as of this writing. Twitter’s only “standards” are two standards that allow the left to routinely manipulate content. This happens almost every day with the blessing and support of mainstream media reporters at “credible” news websites like the Washington Post.