Frustration of the Nation Captured in Another Great Song


Artists are rising to the occasion to express our sorrows and struggles.

A new song of this type has been slowly going viral. It was posted by a man named Samson on X. Unlike Oliver Anthony, a man who appeared on the national stage out of nowhere and took America’s breath away with his somber song “Rich Men North of Richmond,” Samson is not a country singer but a rapper.

Samson, on the other hand, addresses directly some of our problems. Anthony’s song was more general. He calls out politicians for misusing his taxes, who not only raised them to an astronomical level but also sent his money to countries like Ukraine.

He also criticizes liberals, who not so long ago were against war but now can’t help applauding the war. We continue to spend our money on overseas wars while the problems at home are getting worse.

The song wraps up by asking the people what they’re going to do about it and ends with a George Carlin in the background reminding everyone that the politicians don’t actually care about you.

Below is a video. Please be aware that there is some foul language.

Samson may not be Anthony, but he is part of a chorus that creates relatable songs for the modern age. This is the content that was made for “a modern audience”. The real oppressed people are not a single group. They’re all Americans who suffer at the hands of high-taxing, high-controlling politicians, who seem more concerned about other countries than with their own.

After Anthony’s appearance, songs like this started to appear left and right. He continues to be America’s unofficial spokesperson. You’re probably aware that his song, “Rich Men North of Richmond”, was so relatable, that different types of people in America could relate to it. This sent it to the top of the music charts, making the elites and their supporters angry.

These songs are also unlikely to slow down. You’ll likely see tensions rise as these problems intensify and the election of 2024 approaches. People will turn to art in order to vent their frustrations. We might be able to see some of the most relatable artworks created by people like us.

The real entertainment comes from unknown artists like Samson Anthony, who come out of nowhere and sing songs that people really feel.

We may be witnessing the beginnings of a new renaissance. SAG-AFTRA’s strike has essentially shut down the entertainment industry, allowing independent creators to take the lead and provide some great content.

There will be no shortage of topics to write about, thanks to the corruption and division that our political climate has caused.