Gay Man Delivers Hard Truth to Alphabet Mafia Over Outrage Surrounding Christian Flyers Player


It has been amazing to see the complete meltdown of LGBT activist groups and media associates over Ivan Provorov (a Philadelphia Flyers hockey player who refused to wear an LGBTQ jersey during practice because of his beliefs).

It’s fascinating, not only because it has elicited predictable outrage from outrage groups but also because it has elicited a solid wall against outrage groups by many types of people, including LGBTQ people.

Provorov’s Wednesday video went viral. It featured him explaining why he didn’t wear the “pride” jersey because of his religious beliefs. Provorov said that he meant no offense and that he respected others’ decisions, but that he would remain true to himself.

This would be a reasonable statement in a normal world. But, we are not living in normal times. We live in the age of social tyranny, where many groups vie for the throne. Provorov should not only wear the jersey but be grateful for the opportunity to carry their message, according to social justice groups and their allies. One sports commentator said that Provorov should be sent back home to Russia to carry their message and then be thrown into the Russia/Ukraine war.

One gay man from TikTok decided to address the LGBT community in general, despite the outrage caused by his simple but respectful refusal.

Clarkson Lawson, a TikToker, who frequently comments on current affairs through the lens of a homosexual man, saw Provorov’s situation and not only defended him but also chastised LGBT activists and their aides for trying to force Provorov to do so, as well as society in general.

Lawson said, “Somebody please explain to me as a gay man or gay woman what you get from asking somebody who doesn’t agree with your sexuality to validate it.”

Lawson briefly described the situation and pointed out that the “alphabet Mafia” has lost its power over people who don’t agree with the LGBT lifestyle. Lawson continued by stating that this is an issue that must be addressed within the LGBT community.

Lawson stated, “The fact we feel the incessant need to validate our identity shows that we don’t really feel secure.” We don’t need pride nights or pride months. Live your life and be content with who you are. Stop trying to get validation from others.

He said, “Our acceptance should not depend on others agreeing with our views.” Find validation within yourself if you want to truly be happy with who and what you are. It will make your life so much better.

Lawson’s point must be taken seriously by all members of the social justice community and not just the LGBT community.

People won’t be forced to adopt your ideas or stances if they find them useful. There is no one solution that works for everyone. Arguments and debates are possible for those who don’t like it. But if they don’t want it they won’t have it.

All three groups, including the LGBT community and the feminist community, advocate for a society that is forced to accept them. They also punish those who disagree with them. These communities wouldn’t have to be social dictators if their beliefs and positions were universally accepted.

The bottom line is these activist groups require societal acceptance. Not because they believe that people should accept them as a right but because they have to believe that they are. They wouldn’t need pride months, pride events, or any other validation from society if they didn’t care what others think.

Lawson highlighted a major flaw in the LGBT activist group’s actions with a simple TikTok. It’s not a good image for them.