Good News in New York as NY-19 Flips Red


On Monday, there was good news in New York: Three more races were called for Republicans — two of which were flips. First, in NY-19 DDHQ projects that Marcus Molinaro defeats Josh Riley to turn the seat from blue to red.

Molinaro has a two-point advantage over Riley with 99 percent of the votes counted.

But that’s not the only good news coming from the Empire State. In NY-4, Republican Anthony D’Esposito has also flipped a blue district to red, beating Democrat Laura Gillen by four points

In NY-22, Republican Brandon Williams wins his seat, beating Francis Conole, a Democrat challenger, by a point and a half.

This leaves 215 House seats in the hands of the Republicans and 201 for the Democrats. There are 19 more seats to be decided.