GOP May Back Off Ukraine Aid If They Take the Congress


Speaker-of-the-House-in-waiting, Rep. Kevin McCarthy (R-Calif.), is going to have a full agenda when he takes the gavel in January of 2023. He’ll need to choose from several impeachment options, he’ll need to find a way to increase the debt limit without starting a conflict with his right flank, as well as he’ll need to reduce the economic damage Biden’s reckless spending and that of the Democrat.

That’s a tall order. Joe Biden will quickly be able to see that there is a new sheriff in town. This will be evident in his first request for authorization to aid Ukraine.

Since January 2021, more than $60 billion has been authorized for military and humanitarian assistance to Ukraine. This means that it’s been a pretty open checkbook for Biden in terms of funding U.S. aid for the Ukrainian government. McCarthy claims that this will change if Republicans are elected to the House.

Punchbowl News recently heard that he believes people will be in recession and not write a check to Ukraine. They won’t do it.

McCarthy believes that a Republican Congress should be more focused on domestic issues.

He said, “There are the things [the Biden government] isn’t doing domestically.” People begin to weigh the consequences of not completing the border. While Ukraine is an important country, it cannot be all they do. It can’t be their only focus.

Washington Post:

With more than $18.2billion in security assistance provided since January 2021, the United States has approved upwards of $60 billion for Ukraine’s aid. In May, the Senate approved more than $40 billion of new military and humanitarian aid. Republicans were the only legislators to vote against the package. This is the largest ever investment in Ukraine.

Eleven Republican senators opposed the legislation as did 57 House GOP members. They argued that more must be done to track weapons and equipment and to account for how money is spent.

Biden’s biggest problem in financing the war is the U.S. commitment to the war is unfinished. Biden could have left us with another generational war. The Democrats and the Ukrainian government are not even willing to consider a negotiated settlement.

Although we can understand Ukraine’s desire to not give up, its stubbornness may still kill us all. With nuclear conflict, peace is essential.

The U.S. does not have a vital interest in the survival of Zelenskyy’s government. While it is vital for Biden’s chances of re-election, beyond that, there is no strategic need for an independent Ukrainian government to survive the war.

Republican Senate candidates have made it clear that Ukraine funding will be under more scrutiny if they are elected.

Republican Senate candidate Don Bolduc in New Hampshire stated last week that increasing spending is not the solution to improving conditions for Ukraine.

He told New Hampshire’s ABC affiliate, “We must hold the administration accountable.” “We can’t print this amount of money. It’s money that we don’t own, and it is equipment that’s being thrown at problems without any strategy or policy. And it won’t get the job done.

The “emergency”, as it was called, is over. The Ukrainian military has shown courage and great skill in turning the tide. Russia is able to continue the war for many years, while Ukraine depends on the U.S. to keep its army in the field. The United States will eventually have to decrease its support for the Ukrainian government.

We should use this simple fact to encourage Ukraine to enter peace negotiations. It’s not “treason” nor “pro-Russian.” It is common sense when talking about possible nuclear war.

If it is treason I hope there are some “traitors” present when we discuss the nuclear war.