Gun Control Activists Are Melting Down Over CNN Hiring Firearms Expert Stephen Gutowski As An Analyst


CNN announced that Stephen Gutowski, a firearms expert and analyst, was being hired as an analyst. Gun control activists protested this decision on social media.

It’s true. Gutowski (founder editor of Reload website) stated that he joined CNN in the role of a gun analyst.

CNN pays me for my insight and analysis. He said that no one has ever tried to tell him what to say or suggested that I change my approach.

Some right-leaning activists thanked CNN for including an analyst in the gun debate. Many left-leaning activists were furious at the news.

Shannon Watts was the founder of Moms Demand, a gun control group.

Gun violence is the leading cause of death for teens and children. Americans, even gun owners, support commonsense gun safety precautions. Watts tweeted, “CNN would rather pay an ally of the gun lobby to spread dangerous misinformation than start there. ”

“Every time someone murders schoolchildren with an AR, CNN & you can take a little credit. Never forget it, boy,” replied another commenter.

Another critic stated, “CNN right-wing propaganda show that you no longer subscribe to”

“Gee! I’m not sure that the guy running “reload” will take a serious approach to assault weapons. Another critic tweeted, “You’re not going get Fox viewers who loathe you, and now you’ve lost independents as much as liberals.”

Adam Parkhomenko, a Democrat strategist stated that CNN’s new direction was, “apparently CNN has made friends with the scum of the Earth.”

CNN also employed Jennifer Mascia, a journalist with Trace non-profit organization that covers the “gun violence crisis” in America.

Check out the interview with Gutowski: