Hamas Bodies Reveal Maps and Documents With Plans to Attack Elementary Schools, Take Hostages


As if we needed more evidence that Hamas has engaged in barbarity beyond belief in their attack on Israel, now “top secret” maps and documents captured from the bodies of dead Hamas terrorists show they made detailed plans to directly target youth centers and elementary schools — in the hopes of “seizing hostages”.

Exclusively obtained by NBC News, Hamas developed detailed plans for targeting elementary schools and a youth center in the Israeli kibbutz Kfar Sa’ad to “kill as many as possible,” take hostages, and move them quickly into the Gaza Strip.

According to the attack plans in Arabic, they appear to be an order to two Hamas units that are highly trained to infiltrate and surround villages and to target civilians and children. Israeli authorities have not yet determined the number of deaths in Kfar Sa’ad.

Hamas has repeatedly targeted children in the past few days, and “including children” is a better wording. Hamas used children as human slings. The captured documents reveal that their intent was not just to capture but also to murder children.

Israeli first responders found the documents on the bodies of Hamas terrorists and passed them to NBC News. The documents include maps that show Hamas’s intention to take or kill civilians, including schoolchildren.

On a page marked “Top Secret,” a plan for an attack on Kfar Sa’ad is outlined. “Combat Unit 1” was directed to “contain” the “new Da’at School,” and “Combat Unit 2” to “collect Hostages,” “search Bnei Akiva Youth Center” and “search old Da’at School.”

A page labeled “Top Secret Manoeuvre” describes a plan whereby a Hamas group will secure the east side of Kfar Sa’ad, while a separate unit will control the west. The order says to “kill as many as you can” and “capture as many hostages as possible.” Other orders include encircling a dining room and holding hostages inside.

Hamas released a fake video showing a Palestinian child being killed by Israeli gunfire. The video went viral but was quickly taken down.

This was the result of all that planning.

The Hamas document, the footage of the after-effects of the massacre, and the interviews with first responders and eyewitnesses tell a horrifying story.

I saw babies murdered. I saw children murdered. I saw mothers and their children being murdered together,” Yossi Landau, a commander with ZAKA (an Israeli first responder organization), said.

Hamas’ barbarism is once again on display in this attack. It also proves how carefully and scrupulously these attacks were planned and practiced. These documents are a product of military structures; they were not just thugs who planned and committed these atrocities. The plans showed two Hamas units moving in a pincer-like movement towards an Israeli kibbutz, with units in a specific formation and targets that included a youth center and a school.

There are some in the American media who try to justify Hamas by citing its actions.

Israel’s counterstrike has just begun. These documents and plans captured by Israel are proof that Israel should continue operations until Hamas has been completely and permanently neutralized both as a military organization and as a governing body. Hamas, and those who sympathize with them, are not limited to the Middle East. Congress continues to claim that there is no threat to the United States while surrounding the Capitol with barbed wire.

This story is a further confirmation that the Israel-Hama Conflict is a chapter in a war between civilization and barbarism.