Herridge Exposes Goldman’s False Claims About Archer’s Interview


We now have the transcript of the House Oversight Committee’s interview with Devon Archer – Hunter Biden’s business partner – and we can see why Rep. Dan Goldman, DNY, was the first one to leave the room, in order to talk to the reporters. He wanted to twist some of what Archer had said that hurt Joe Biden.

What Goldman said was not the same as what Archer told us. Who would have thought? Goldman said that Archer had testified they were selling Joe Biden the “illusion” of access. All the headlines in the liberal media repeated this, without question, taking Goldman at his word, despite the fact that it was contrary to all reality.

CNN used this to dismiss the connection between Joe Biden’s son and foreign business deals. Archer said that he did not indicate “any kind of connection”.

Really a “stunning development,” CNN declared. Indeed, since it wasn’t true.

Now that the transcript is available, it’s clear that Goldman misrepresented what was said. He used the phrase “illusions of access” when he questioned Devon Archer and not Archer.

Catherine Herridge, CBS’s Catherine Herridge.

Herridge stated, “In fact, if you look at the transcription, you will see that Dan Goldman asked a question that contained the phrase ‘illusion access’.” “It isn’t what Devon Archer said.”

Goldman, in other words, was trying to speak for Archer. Archer replied “Yes,” adding that “touch points and contacts that I cannot deny happened” were also mentioned. “There is a portfolio access,” Archer added. Goldman was the one who brought Beau Biden’s illness and touchpoints into the discussion.

As we previously reported, Archer then testified about some of those contacts/accesses, describing dinners, business meetings, and photos with partners in which Joe Biden participated. We’ve reported that some people even had their picture taken with Joe Biden in the White House. Hunter wasn’t selling an “illusion” of access, but real access. He was using his father as a business partner to further his business.

In 2021, I described how Hunter and Jeff Cooper, one of Hunter’s associates in business, were flown to Mexico by Joe on Air Force 2 so that they could close another deal.

Hunter also made it very clear to Miguel Aleman Magnani, one of the Mexican associates, what was going on in an email.

You always say that you’ll help, but I haven’t heard from you since I set up a meeting for Carlos and your dad.

We have been discussing business deals and partnerships for seven years. You are very kind to let me stay in your villa…but I have brought everyone you asked me to take to the F’ing White House, the Vice President’s House, and to the inauguration. Then you stop talking to me for months.

There is no illusion of access.

Goldman has done more than just mischaracterize the situation to minimize and try to clean it up.