Herschel Walker Mocks Obama, Put My Resume Against His


Barack Obama made fun of Herschel Walker’s Republican opponent at a rally to save Sen. Raphael Warnock’s career (D-Ga.) last Wednesday, saying that although he was a great football player, it didn’t make him worthy to be a member of Congress.

Obama stated to the crowd, “Some of you may forget, but Herschel was a hell of a football player,” But here’s the big question: Does this make him the best person you can have to represent you in the U.S. Senate?” Is he able to make critical decisions about our economy, our foreign policy, and our future?

Walker responded to these comments on Fox & Friends, Brian Kilmeade’s show.

“So anyone calls you a celebrity. What’s your reaction to him following you?” Have you ever met him before?” Kilmeade asked.

Walker laughed and said, “I have never met him before”

He forgot to tell them that I founded one of the largest minority-owned food services companies in the United States of America. Walker said that he does sign the front of the check, something he probably has never done except while he was at the White House. So, I started businesses and now I am a member of a publicly traded board. These are other things that I have done besides football. Walker added that I compared my resume to his and said, “I put it up at any hour of the day, I think I have done well.”

Walker switched gears to focus on his opponent.

“One thing I tell the people is that he’s not voting in Georgia.” Senator Warnock now has a track record. He didn’t have one when he ran for office two years ago. You can see the country right now after only two years in office. Can we afford six more years like that? We can’t. We need new leadership.”