Hillary Clinton Blurts Out the Quiet Part About the Democrats’ Elder Abuse of Dianne Feinstein


Since the 1960s, Democrats have been portrayed as the party of compassion. But when it comes to Dianne Feinstein, the masks are slipping. This has exposed a level ugliness that is rarely displayed by Democrat leaders.

The media’s treatment of Feinstein was taking a very unseemly direction. She had been suffering from shingles for a long time, and the “medical complications” that were previously unknown to her took center stage.

As I said at the time, while it is important for voters to be informed about the health of their elected officials, the timing was not ideal. It came at a convenient time for those Democrats and media types, including the Times, who wanted Feinstein to step down now to make way for someone more “woke”.

I believe that the way in which Feinstein is being treated by both her enemies and “allies”, as Democrats use her condition to manipulate a 2024 Senate Chess Game, suggests some serious elder abuse. This is what Hillary Clinton, twice-failed Democratic presidential candidate, accidentally said in an interview on Monday at the Chicago Humanities Festival.

Clinton’s response to the question about Feinstein’s retirement was to first point out her friendship with Feinstein, and her working relationship as a means to boost her supposed credentials as an expert on the topic.

She continued, “Let’s say a few words about my long-time friend and colleague Dianne Feinstein.” “She has been suffering from encephalitis and shingles for a long time. She is in a difficult situation: She was reelected and the people of California just voted for it again not too long ago. It was the voters who voted for her. She has been an impressive and very effective leader.”

She then admitted openly that Feinstein – who, as pictures show, should be at home resting rather than being wheeled in to the Senate and different committee rooms, where she is used as a rubber seal for Biden’s agenda – should not retire, because Democrats need judges appointed. She blamed who for her sarcastic opinion? Republicans:

“Here is the dilemma: The Republicans will not accept adding someone else to Judiciary Committee,” she continued, referring to Feinstein’s influential committee membership. When Feinstein missed nearly three months of the Senate this year due to health problems, it caused a logjam in the Judiciary Committee. Democrats could not confirm Joe Biden’s nominees for judicial positions without Republican support. “I want you all to consider how awful that is. I don’t think she would, but she cannot at this time. We can’t afford to leave her seat empty if we want to confirm judges, which is our most important ongoing obligation.

If Republicans would say that this woman is gravely ill and just lost her husband due to cancer, we’d let you take over the position when she retires. “But they won’t tell you that,” she said. What are we to do?” All these people who are pushing her to quit: fine, no more judges for us? “I don’t believe that’s a fair trade-off.”

Did you get that? Hillary acknowledges that Feinstein was “gravely sick” in the past couple of months. (Something you can’t just get over). On top of this, she has suffered for more than a year over the death of her husband from cancer. We should also remember that Feinstein has reportedly had cognitive problems, which continued after her return to Senate. Clinton believes that Feinstein must be brought into the Senate Judiciary Committee, if need be. Without her, Biden’s radical nominees for the judiciary will not make it to Senate floor.

How cold-blooded is a human being? Hillary Clinton is pretty good at lowering that bar every time she speaks. She is saying, literally, that Dianne Feinstein’s health and wellbeing are secondary to woke Democrat nominations being pushed through the SJC.

Remember that Clinton is not only displaying her infamously heartless personality, but she also lies on many fronts.

For starters, if Feinstein resigned, California Gov. Gavin Newsom, the governor of California, would be able to name her replacement in an interim capacity. This would likely happen within a short time frame since he has already decided who he wants to fill that position. Even if Feinstein retired, Senate Judiciary Chair Dick Durbin (D.Ill.) could quickly get the few nominees the Republicans in the committee agreed should not be approved.

This brings me to the next point. John Kennedy (R – L.a.), Ted Cruz – Texas and others have noted that Feinstein’s absence in the Senate didn’t bring the SJC crashing to a halt. They continued to push through nominees for floor votes. There were only a few (I believe it was four?) Republicans thought that they were unqualified or too radical to be nominated for the positions in which Biden has put them forward.

It didn’t take much time for those “stalled nominees” to make it through the committee when Feinstein returned. As I have said, another thing that “made it” through all of this is that Democrats are not to be trusted, with your wallet, your Senate seat and most importantly, your grandmother.