Hillary Clinton Can’t Let Go: Ponders Trump’s Psyche, Obsesses Over Russia


Hillary Clinton was the guest that wouldn’t go away, or at the very least, the guest that wasn’t invited. Former First Lady Hillary Clinton is back on the airwaves to complain about Donald Trump’s 2016 victory in the presidential election and to continue to convince the public that Trump is the biggest threat to the planet since an asteroid 60 million years ago destroyed the dinosaurs.

She does not believe that if he were convicted of any crime, he would not pardon himself if he won the presidency in 2020.

“I don’t believe him about anything.” Clinton laughed in an interview with MSNBC’s ‘Inside with Jen Psaki’ on Sunday.

Trump stated in an interview with Meet the Press earlier this month that he was “very unlikely to pardon” himself, in part because he does not believe he will be convicted for the litany of federal and state charges brought against him, including allegedly mishandling classified documents and falsifying business claims.

Hillary seems to be able to rent Trump’s mind, but she spends a lot of time studying his psychology.

Psychologists call this projection. It’s a near certainty that he is doing what he says he will do or has already done. If he denies doing or thinking about something, it is almost certain that he has already done it.

Pot, meet kettle. Clinton is almost everything she criticizes in others: divisive, refusing to accept the loss of her 2016 election, and both she and her husband are guilty of numerous ethical lapses.

She can’t give up the Russian collusion idea and believes that Putin lost her in the election, and will try to influence the results of the next elections. The Mueller report, which is so highly regarded, found no evidence that Trump and Russia colluded or attempted to interfere in our elections.


The Russians are very good at interfering, and if given the chance he will do it again.

I don’t believe that there is any doubt despite the denials, that he interfered with our election. He worked against me because he did not want me to be in the White House.

Psaki and Mrs. Clinton, the former leftist press secretary of President Biden, discussed other topics, and Clinton, unsurprisingly, blasted House Speaker Kevin McCarthy for a potential government shutdown. Why does she continue to appear? She is like a female Fauci. She keeps popping up despite not being relevant and having no job.

Or is she irrelevant? One can’t avoid the feeling that, as Halloween approaches and Joe may not be ready to run for president, she is hanging around. Hillary as Commander-in-Chief was once the most frightening thing I could imagine. But that was before we discovered that Joe Biden poses a greater threat to the American Way of Life than Hillary.

I feel as if I am at a theater and the performance is over but the performers won’t leave. We beg you, Mrs. Clinton: Exit the stage right.