Holiday Horror: Philly Macy’s Shoplifter Fatally Stabs 2 Security Guards in Shocking Theft Gone Wrong


A suspect has been arrested after he stabbed two security guards, one of whom died and the other is being treated for his injuries.

Police said that the workers were taken to Jefferson Hospital while they responded to the incident.

Transit police reported that the suspect boarded an SEPTA train following the stabbing. According to the Philadelphia Police Department which is leading this investigation, he was arrested by SEPTA Police at Somerset Station.

The police on the scene stated that the incident started about 15 minutes before their arrival when a male attempted to steal hats. The security guards confronted him and retrieved the goods before letting him go. The same man has been accused of attacking security guards and returning.

Philadelphia Police Commissioner John Stafford stated that when the male returned to the store, he immediately went straight to one of the guards and then redirected his attention to another guard. He ran directly to the second guard with the knife already out and began to stab him. The second security guard is trying to save the first security guard who has been stabbed. This security guard also sustains multiple stab injuries.

Stafford stated that both security guards are in their 20s and one has only worked at Macy’s for a few short months. The commissioner stated that the security guards were employed by Macy’s, and they were not armed.

Police have reported 250 thefts from the store located in Center City across from City Hall. Police said that the store is currently closed and any announcements in the future will be made by the company.