Hours After Indictment, Stormy Daniels Ordered to Pay $122k in Legal Fees to Trump


Stormy Daniels, the porn star involved in a hush money payment during the 2016 campaign, has been ordered to pay almost $122,000 in attorney fees to former President Donald Trump as he faces charges in New York over the alleged affair.

The news was first announced by Trump’s son Eric on Twitter.

He stated that Trump had just been awarded $121,962.56 by the 9th Circuit for attorney fees. This includes the roughly $500k she owes to him.

Harmeet Dalton was the Republican lawyer who represented Trump and congratulated his victory.

She wrote: “Congratulations to President Trump for today’s final victory in attorney fees.” “Collectively, our firm received more than $600,000. “Collectively, our firm received over $600,000. in attorney fees awards in Trump’s favor in the meritless case initiated by Stormy Daniels. ”

Trump received his fees only a few hours after he entered his plea of not guilty in New City Court for the first-degree falsifying business records to 34 charges.

Alvin Bragg was Manhattan District Attorney and conducted an extensive investigation into six-figure payments Stormy Daniels made to Karen McDougal (ex-Playboy model) and Karen McDougal for Donald Trump. Both claimed that they had sex with Trump.

Alvin Bragg (Madison District Attorney) stated that the indictment was the result of a thorough investigation by his Office into Trump’s matters.

Bragg said that New York City was “the business capital” of the world. False business statements are common.

Trump was indicted by the prosecution for orchestrating a scheme to keep potentially harmful stories from reaching the general public. This trend was maintained during Trump’s presidency.

Manhattan District Attorney’s Office issued a news release along with the indictment. It stated that TRUMP and others used “catch-and-kill” schemes during the 2016 election to identify and buy any negative information. TRUMP also tried to hide his actions by creating false entries in business records to cover criminal activity. This included attempts at violating federal and state election laws.

According to the D.A. “Further members of the scheme took steps to mischaracterize, tax purposes”.

Trump, however, has assured his supporters that they will be inspired as he runs for a third term.

In a Thursday statement, Trump said that he believed that the Witch-Hunt would backfire against Joe Biden. We will then defeat Joe Biden. To make America great again, we will remove every Crooked Democratic from office!