House Republicans Want to Know Why the TSA Is Allowing Illegal Immigrants on Planes with Arrest Warrants for ID


Could it be that Biden’s administration is a joke? A parody, or dark comedy in which a career politician with rapidly progressing dementia becomes president. The radical handlers of Biden then start to implement dizzying arrays of measures to weaken America.

Biden’s handlers just announced that illegal immigrants can board commercial planes using their arrest warrants. Old Joe’s generosity is what they’re doing.

Fox News reported Tuesday’s outrage among Republicans. They asked Alejandro Mayorkas (Homeland Security Secretary) for more information about the “extremely troubling” policy that allowed illegal immigrants on planes without a civil arrest warrant or deportation order.

The letter stated that these documents were not secure and could be easily forged or copied. It is troubling that TSA allows illegal aliens with nonsecure IDs to board planes despite American citizens constantly being reminded to comply with their REAL ID requirements.

This is also an indication of the inability to enforce the law properly by the misrules of this administration. Deportation papers instead allow the illegal immigrant taxpayer-funded rides.

According to the letter, U.S. taxpayer money was used directly or in indirect ways to transport illegal aliens across the country. It is false. DHS should not use taxpayer money to transport illegal immigrants. DHS should instead use these funds to purchase additional detention spaces so that it can detain illegal immigrants as required by law. This is the Biden government. They don’t want illegal immigrants to be detained.

TSA Administrator David Pekoske stated that in July, “under 1000” illegal migrants had traveled this route. House Republicans, however, were skeptical, writing that this number “seems extremely small considering that DHS has released nearly 500,000 illegal aliens into America this year”. The new letter will not move Pekoske, or any other person, to stop these potentially dangerous practices.

Rep. Lance Gooden (R.Texas), with Reps. David McKinley and Mary Miller (R.Ill.). TSA also admitted that it accepts other forms of ID, such as a Notice of Appearance in Court (NTA).

The policy was in place nine months ago. The TSA was unable to make any changes except to increase the number of documents needed to get illegal immigrants out. Instead, they allowed them to board planes.

Why haven’t any of our Washington “journalists”, as intrepid and knowledgeable as they are, tried to question Biden’s handlers about this policy? How could a handler protect Americans if they tried to ask? It seems like the 2022 elections will bring us more of the same.