How Did Trump Respond to DeSantis Announcing 2024 Presidential Run?


Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis announced his candidacy to be the next president of the United States. Former President Donald Trump responded immediately by releasing his own video advertisement.

Team Trump posted a video to Twitter that showed footage of Trump and a voiceover praising his accomplishments during his first term as president. The video was aimed at Gov. DeSantis and appeared to try to emulate the former president.

The video begins by pointing out that there is only one Donald Trump. It goes on to highlight some of his greatest achievements as president, including implementing the biggest tax cuts in history, providing healthcare to veterans, tackling China, and protecting American jobs. The announcer mentions Trump’s influence on the Supreme Court and that he is a prolific president. He also stresses his commitment to protecting Second Amendment rights, border security, and the Second Amendment.

The footage is:

The Washington-established politicians like to talk about how they can be just like Donald Trump. The truth The truth. There’s only one Donald Trump. Only one kept us from endless wars, while also destroying terrorist enemies. Only one was called the most pro-life president in history for fundamentally changing the Supreme Court and protecting our Second Amendment rights as well as our borders. Why would we settle for Trump impersonators to make America great again when there is only one day to start? There is only one person who can make America great once again. Donald J. Trump is me, and I agree with this message.

It was not the only video Trump had posted the day after DeSantis announced his election. On Wednesday, Trump released another video that was directed at the governor. In the video, he explains how DeSantis won his position as governor because Trump endorsed him during the election. The video shows DeSantis thanking Trump and his support, as well as repeating “Make America Great Again” with his child.

Trump wants to prove that he is a leader who can deliver results. He suggests that accepting “Trump impostors’ would be a compromise and that only he has the abilities and qualities necessary to restore America’s greatness. Trump is likely to use this approach during his primary campaign, attacking DeSantis and reminding his base of the accomplishments he had as president.

DeSantis may benefit from the announcement made on Wednesday. It is still clear that the race will be hard-fought.