Hunter Biden’s ‘Pedo Peter’ Contact Alias Is Natalie Biden’s, Daughter of Late Brother Beau


We learned that Hunter Biden’s “Pedo Peter”, contact number, was actually Natalie Biden’s. It can be found on the first son’s iCloud account.

It is not clear why “Pedo Peter” was chosen.

Natalie, 17 years old, is one of seven grandchildren of President Joe Biden. Natalie Hunter is Hunter’s niece. She is also the daughter of Beau and Hallie, Hunter’s late brother and former love interest.

Natalie is best known for her videos on Tiktok, a Chinese-controlled platform. According to the platform Natalie’s videos have been viewed 101.8 million times.

Although the “Peto Peter” phone number was initially thought to have been from Hunter, Breitbart News’s analysis of Hunter’s digital footprint revealed that the contact alias is actually from Hunter’s iPad. This appears to belong to Joe Biden’s grandchild Hunter. Hunter, Joe Biden’s grandchild, is the son of Hallie.

“I’m going to the boy’s ball game instead practice because my teeth hurt so badly: sob; so that you don’t haft to pick us up at 3:00,” the text sent by the grandchild to an iPad contact reads, “mom,” and matches Hallie’s phone number.

The iCloud backup shows that Joe Biden’s contact alias is “Pop Biden”. Speculation has previously suggested that the “Peto Peter”, contact alias, was Joe Biden.

After a hacker hacked Hunter Biden’s personal iCloud account, the “Peto Peter”, alias contact first became headlines. Screenshots of the leaked data from the iCloud revealed unverified imagines of illicit activities with prostitutes and drug possession.