Impeachment Looms for Mayorkas as Fury Over Border Blazes


Alejandro Mayorkas, the Secretary for the Department of Homeland Security, is facing articles of impeachment. A new report claims that members of the House Homeland Security Committee (which is supposed to have oversight over Mayorkas) concluded their investigation and found grounds for moving forward in December. Hearings are now scheduled to begin in mid-January, with an official vote following.

The House Homeland Security Committee has officially moved forward with the impeachment process against DHS Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas. The first hearing is scheduled for Jan. 10 with a second possible hearing the following week.

Mark Green, the chair of the Homeland Security Committee (R-Tenn. ), said that the conclusion to the investigation by the committee in December provided enough evidence for the House Republicans to impeach Mayorkas. Green accused Mayorkas of a misappropriation of taxpayer dollars and a deliberate ignoring of border security measures.

Green said in a press release that “our investigation revealed that Secretary Mayorkas failed to uphold the laws passed by Congress and his refusal to follow his oath.” His failure to do so demanded accountability. The bipartisan House vote of November, referring articles of impeachment back to my Committee, only served to emphasize the importance of us starting the impeachment procedure – and that is what we’ll be doing on Wednesday.

Nearly a million illegal immigrants have entered the country since October, causing an unimaginable crisis. Customs and Border Patrol are overwhelmed and have been relegated only to stamping papers and releasing masses of people into the interior without any real plan for adjudicating the deluge asylum claims.

Mayorkas refused to enforce any of the laws passed during this time by Congress, thereby encouraging the unprecedented wave of illegal immigration that now faces the United States. Even left-wing cities such as Chicago complain about the situation, claiming they do not have enough resources to accommodate those arriving. What else is there to impeach?

The mainstream media is still working hard to make this issue appear more complex than it is.

Mayorkas’s role in implementing the policies of the Biden Administration will certainly be the subject of intense debate.

Everyone reading this article will remember the days when “abuses of power” and “dereliction of duty” were enough for impeachment. In 2019 and 2020, several mainstream articles argued that “high crimes” and misdemeanors were not required. We were told instead that Congress has total control over impeachment, and can impeach anyone for anything. Be ready because this standard will soon be replaced with assertions that the scope of impeachment has been narrowed and that anything less than a criminal conviction is an abuse of process.

Mayorkas was impeached for a reason. Mayorkas is a confirmed figure who has violated the laws passed by Congress. Republicans should take this to the end if only to make Democrats accept the crisis that they created and will not fix.