Is This the Real Reason Twitter Employees Are Afraid of Elon Musk?


I believe I have finally identified the reasons Twitter employees are so upset about Elon Musk’s rise. Although Musk has made it clear that they are not in danger of losing their jobs, it isn’t because their jobs have been put at risk. Twitter users are not at risk of hearing different points of view. This is more a media/government issue. It’s for people such as Max Boot who was worried about Musk as early as April. “The Federalist used this quote, which was no less than a tweet from Boot.

The impact that Elon Musk’s acquisition of Twitter will have on society and politics is something I am afraid to witness. Musk seems to believe that anything is possible on social media. We need to have more moderation of content if democracy is to survive.

The threat of free speech does not chill the Legion of Twits. They are afraid Musk will make them work for a living. Twitter seems to be a very comfortable job, at least up until now. Libs Of TikTok posted the video below by a Twidiot, who showed a day in Twitter’s life.

It’s no surprise that the ban hammer was so easily dropped and that the platform has been infested by bots. These bots have been too busy playing foosball to be able to do their jobs or make decisions. The algorithms seem to be the only thing that works with Twitter. The video shows that there were at least two meetings for the narrator. You can also escape to the meditation area between meetings. This is useful for helping to re-center yourself after suffering from the trauma of reading a tweet from Bernie Sanders.

The majority of the video is spent eating or drinking by the narrator who drones on over the soft music. A few images of COVID-safe, state-of-the-art, DEI-safe, and corporate latrines were all that were missing. With all the food and drinks, it is not surprising that there was a lot of activity in the cans.

Is red wine on tap? First, wine is either in a bottle or barrel. You can also keep your wine in a bag. Or in whatever container you use at home. I’m a wine snob. I have a cool certification and all that. Civilized people don’t drink wine from stainless steel taps and use glasses that look like they were just taken out of a summer camp kitchen. Ok, so that was a bit of a remark. You can’t pretend to be part of the cultural elite if you don’t get it right. You can do it if I can. Posers, get it together.

It was fashionable for a time to have office amenities. One of the offices I worked at had a Super Mario Kart machine and a soft-drink dispenser. People found it too difficult to miss the stuff, so they started working remotely. Twitter is not an office. It’s more like a daycare facility for young adults. They can go to work, or worse, they can act out “Friends 2020” and do an arts-and-crafts project for grandma. If I didn’t have a strong work ethic and could relax, play foosball, and enjoy lattes and red wines, I would be anxious about losing that sweet spot.