It Dawns on Elon Musk That Not Everyone Is Interested in a Free Speech Twitter


It has been one week since Elon Musk assumed the Twitter helm. The Twitter popcorn-fest has been an eventful week, mainly because of the Left’s outrage at the fact that their entitlement bubble is now burst. Although there is still much work to do on Twitter, the targeting of right-leaning and conservative users seems to have been stopped, if it has not diminished. Fact-checking of false tweets by the Left and the White House is now permitted. In the past, misinformation was spread with impunity.

All of this adds up to the depressed demeanors and fake wrist-slashing displayed by the elitists, who thought Twitter was their private playground. However, they have since been disabused.

Musk has his fun and the Left hates that more. A Happy Warrior is more offensive to the Left than anything else.

Musk’s “conspiracy theories” about #PelosiGate caused a massive meltdown. He had seen Hillary Clinton tweet attributing the Paul Pelosi attack on the Republican Party, encouraging its followers to violence. This is despite the fact David DePape, Pelosi’s alleged attacker, isn’t even a Republican. This group doesn’t allow facts to stop a good story. Musk linked to a website known for spreading “disinformation” in the past. This caused further outrage.

Grab the pearls! You need “Scary Poppins”, Nina Jankowicz.

Musk also owns AOC, and her dimwitted take on the possibility that Twitter would charge everyone $8 per month to get and keep that “Blue Check” verification. Bottom line: They won’t be happy with Musk, his meritorious tendencies, or the free speech direction he is taking the platform.

Musk is openly honest about his moves and has always been entertaining.

There are others who aren’t content to moan and piss, but are determined to destroy the House of Musk and Twitter. These hackers are targeting Twitter’s advertisers, whose spines look like overcooked spaghetti. Unfortunately, they are succeeding in their goals.

The company’s bottom line could be affected by the ongoing fallout from Elon Musk’s takeover.

IPG, a global advertising conglomerate of major importance, recommended that its clients “temporarily suspend” advertising on the social networking platform. Fast Company was informed by a source who is familiar with the situation. The firm is worried about Twitter’s commitment to safety and trust under Musk’s leadership.

IPG (also known as Interpublic Group) has a large list of blue-chip clients, including Mattel, Coca-Cola and Amex. It is one of the “Big Four” agencies along with Omnicom, WPP and Publicis Groupe.

As it talks with Twitter about its next steps, the firm recommends a weeklong ad suspension. However, it is not clear if clients will take notice of this warning. General Motors, a major advertiser, has already stated it will suspend ads on Twitter. However, it dismissed the move as being typical given the new ownership.

Musk tweeted that the reduction in ad revenues is actually affecting the bottom line.

Musk is smart so I assume he is just stating facts. It almost sounds like a revelation for him. Appeasement with the Left is not possible. Dana Loesch is clear in her statement that you should never give in to the outrage mob. Their outrage is unbridled, and their hunger for revenge is endless.

Musk didn’t understand that those who have ruled over media generation for decades and decided who gets heard and not, don’t want that power to be taken away in capricious ways. And that’s not even counting the unwashed masses they detest, who can’t even be verified.

These people don’t care about the harm they do to free speech and individual lives as well as the income and revenue of independent journalists, content creators and influencers who simply want to share their content with their target audience.

It’s a good thing Musk realized that Leftist elites don’t care at all about freedom of speech, except to destroy it. This was obvious all along.